Image: A woman sitting at a PC, looking at the monitor; Copyright: Create it REAL

Create it REAL

Digital transformation without upfront investment: 3D printing as a trailblazer


The orthopaedic industry is changing. 3D printing enables the production of patient-specific products with complex designs and improved properties. Create it REAL, a leading provider of 3D printing solutions, supports companies in their digital transformation and offers innovative services to take advantage of this technology.
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Photo: Four responsible persons, composed of Ottobock and HAWK, stand in front of two exhibitors of HAWK; Copyright: HAWK


Ottobock and HAWK conclude cooperation agreement


Ottobock and HAWK have signed a cooperation agreement for the Orthobionics study course in order to train specialists for the growing future market. Ottobock is contributing its industry expertise, supporting innovative teaching, promoting practical training and planning an endowed professorship for the course.
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Photo: A 3D printer prints a narrow plate; Copyright: Opt Lasers / Unsplash

Opt Lasers / Unsplash

3D printing – the future of assistive device manufacturing?


It appears to be magic: seemingly out of nowhere, modern 3D printers not only create shapes and figures, but also entire kits for technical devices. The assistive technology industry is recognizing the almost infinite possibilities of 3D printing. From customized prostheses to ergonomic seat cushions – the future of this technology has only just begun.
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Photo: Hari Budha Magar stands on a bridge. In the background: the outline of a city; Copyright: Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Seven summits for more awareness


Hari Budha Magar, who relies on prostheses from the HealthTech company Ottobock on both sides, plans to climb the "Seven Summits", the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. With this project and as part of Ottobock's first global brand campaign #IAmAMountain, he wants to encourage more people and drive the technology forward.
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Photo: Blonde woman with white top holding 3D printed product; linked to video

Orthopaedic assistance thanks to 3D printing


For some years now, the use of 3D printers has been steadily increasing. The devices offer many possibilities to give free rein to one's own creativity. But in addition to simple gimmicks, the printers can also produce a variety of complex products quickly and reliably. Create it REAL uses the technology for orthopaedic CAM solutions.
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Photo: Dr. Andreas Kannenberg (left) and Dr. Gerald Stark (right) stand next to each other and smile at the camera; Copyright: Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Two AOPA Awards for Ottobock employees


Dr. Andreas Kannenberg and Dr. Gerald Stark of Ottobock were honored with two awards during the AOPA meeting in the U.S., the Howard R. Thranhardt Award for their research on the C-Brace leg orthosis and the Sam E. Hamontree Business Education Award for outstanding presentations in O&P business and education.
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Photo: man with blue orthosis on left arm; linked to video

HKK Bionics: Motion is freedom


Most people use their hands for countless activities – every day. But what happens when your own hands no longer want to do what you are used to? At REHACARE, we spoke with HKK Bionics GmbH and asked them what makes their products for people with disabilities of the hands so special and how they can help people in everyday life. HKK Bionics can be found during the trade fair in Hall 4 / Stand D47.
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Photo: Zainab Al-Eqabi wears the Taleo Adjust prosthetic foot on the left, which allows her to wear high white shoes. She herself is sitting on a dark chair; Copyright: Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Height-adjustable prosthetic foot offers more flexibility


The medical technology company Ottobock has launched the height-adjustable Taleo Adjust prosthetic foot, which allows people with prosthetic legs to freely choose between different types of shoes. Thanks to feedback from users such as Zainab Al-Eqabi, the user-friendliness of the prosthetic foot has been improved.
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Photo: The three neurorehabilitation specialists stand at a large white table against a blue background; Copyright: Ottobock


Landmark C-Brace® study offers paradigm-shifting evidence of clinical benefits for neurorehabilitation


The C-Brace, an advanced stand and swing phase-controlled orthosis (MP-SSCO), shows better neurorehabilitation outcomes compared to conventional leg orthoses (KAFOs) in an international study. The study provided important insights for clinical practice and could provide the basis for effective reimbursement for the C-Brace.
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Ottobock focuses on technical orthopaedic devices for children


Children with disabilities can lead more active and self-determined lives thanks to orthotic devices from Ottobock such as customizable wheelchairs and the Exopulse Mollii Suit. The use of state-of-the-art 3D printing technology also enables the production of lighter and more comfortable orthotic helmets for babies with head deformities.
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Image: Right: Man on a chair holding a prosthetic leg with a smile. Left: Back of a person in a white T-shirt handing over the prosthesis; Copyright: Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Ottobock acquires patient care company Brillinger


The acquisition of the patient care provider from the German state of Baden-Württemberg expands Ottobock's care network across Germany. The takeover allows Ottobock to persistently continue its growth strategy.
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Photo: A gas-brake-slider-orthosis in a car from a cooperation between F. Sodermanns Automobile GmbH and rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit GmbH; Copyright: F. Sodermanns Automobile GmbH

F. Sodermanns Automobile GmbH

Assistive technology industry: working together for more mobility


Dressing and undressing, getting in and out of a car or bus, reaching for and picking up objects – for people with mobility impairments, even everyday tasks like these can become a challenge and create a barrier. Many assistive technology companies join forces to provide better assistance for people with disabilities. Several REHACARE exhibitors are among this dedicated group of collaborators.
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Image: Picture of the arthrodesis seat cushion. The inscription

Funke Medical GmbH

Funke Medical GmbH expands product range with an arthrodesis seat cushion


With the new product ARTHROSEAT©, Funke Medical adds an orthopedic seating system to its portfolio. This arthrodesis seat cushion relieves hip and knee joints when sitting, alleviates pain and corrects incorrect posture.
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Image: Children and young adults with prosthetic legs at the Talent Days; Copyright: MikaVolkmann


Talent Days 2023: Introducing children and young people with prostheses to sports


World record holder Johannes Floors has made it his mission to introduce children and young people with prostheses to the world of sport. That's why he is devoting three days of his time to the youngest at the Talent Days in order to work with Ottobock technicians to fit and extensively test sports prostheses.
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Photo: a left hand with a pink orthosis unlocks a door; Copyright: rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit GmbH

rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit GmbH

3D printing in orthopedics


3D printing has become an indispensable tool in many areas, including the assistive technology industry and patient care. Ever-better printers and customization options for articulated support splints or prosthetic devices benefit both care providers and users.
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Photo: a child with a blue prosthetic hand on his left arm holds a cell phone with both hands; Copyright: rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit GmbH

rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit GmbH

3D-printed prosthetic devices for children – individualized care yields multiple benefits


3D printing technology has become an integral part of different sectors, including the assistive technology industry. Especially in orthopedics, the technology has seen increasing use. That’s owing to its many advantages, such as quick production and customization options. 3D printed prosthetics can greatly benefit children who depend on them.
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Image: Therapy room in the Patient Care Competence Center; Copyright: Ottobock


Ottobock unveils the patient care of the future


On 20 February, the global healthtech company Ottobock opened the doors to its most state-of-the-art and future-oriented clinic to date. Located in the newly developed Sartorius Quarter in the German city of Göttingen, the clinic will provide care for patients across the country and worldwide.
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Photo: A bionic hand touches holographic elements in the air; Copyright: PantherMedia/vitaliy_sokol


The future of prosthetics is here thanks to Artificial Intelligence and bionic feedback


There are many exciting advances in the field of prosthetics. asked prosthetic manufacturers and experts about the latest medical and technical research in laboratories and discovered how prostheses quite literally learn from the user.
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Photo: Young man in a cosy armchair with his dog on his lap. He is wearing a prosthetic leg.; Copyright: PantherMedia/DGLimages


Prosthetic care takes comprehensive support and perseverance


Adjusting to life after amputation can be challenging – both physically and mentally. Amputees need a lot of endurance and discipline before a prosthesis can fully replace a missing body part. Find out at what is important when it comes to prosthesis fitting and discover where amputees can turn to for support.
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Photo: An orthopedic technician holds a plaster leg from the workshop in his hands; Copyright: PantherMedia / moodboard (YAYMicro)

PantherMedia / moodboard (YAYMicro)

Everyday life in the medical supply store: working on, with and for people


Whether it is an orthotic, prosthetic or wheelchair – it takes orthopedic know-how and skill to ensure the assistive device has the proper fit and also "fits" your lifestyle (pun intended). Although orthopedic technicians are often the first point of contact for patients, their profession is often unfairly underrated.
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Photo: at REHACARE 2019; Copyright: beta-web


Reboocon Bionics: powered and lightweight prostheses for an active support


The company Reboocon Bionics has made it their goal to develop lighter and more powerful prostheses. At REHACARE 2019 the company, which is based in the Netherlands, gave us a first taste of what is to come, as their portfolio is still only available on the Chinese market. However, a launch in Europe is planned for 2020.
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Photo: Screenshot from the Bravo Twist product video. An older man sits in front of a plate and holds the Bravo Twist in his hand ; Copyright: Pro Walk GmbH

Pro Walk GmbH

Adaptive eating utensils with a Twist: How Bravo Twist by ProWalk outsmarts Parkinson’s tremors


We all know that food intake is essential for the survival of every living organism. Yet for humans, food can also be a great source of pleasure or even love. At any rate, it is an important part of our social life. But what happens if our own body throws a monkey wrench into our food intake by having a stroke or neurological disorder?
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