Photo: A man with a hearing aid holds up his hands at an event to signal 'applause' in sign language; Copyright: Andi Weiland /

Andi Weiland /

Louder is not always better: assistive devices for people with hearing disabilities


Participation is not the same as taking part. Many people with a disability are no strangers to this realization. At REHACARE 2023, Susanne Schmidt from the German Association for the Hearing Impaired explained to us where the problems lie in the participation of people with a hearing impairment and what technical, but also very human solutions are possible.
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Sensory disabilities: Perception is individual


Most people use five senses – they see, hear, taste, feel and smell. But this is not a given. People with a sensory disability live with one or more senses that can only be used to a limited extent or not at all. At REHACARE, we collected impressions of assistive devices for people with sensory disabilities.
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Photo: a young woman sitting in front of a laptop and signing with her hands; Copyright: envato/astakhovyaroslav


REHACARE 2023: Professional participation is possible for all


People with disabilities have the guaranteed right to be part of the community in all areas of life. But unfortunately, there are still far too many barriers that exclude individuals from the community.
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Image: Drawing of people with instruments, notes and ears with hearing aids; Copyright: Emily Sandgren

Emily Sandgren

Enjoying music with hearing aids


For decades, hearing aids have been focused on improving communication by separating speech from background noise. While the technology has made strides in terms of speech, it is still subpar when it comes to music.
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Photo: a young woman and a young man at an evening event, talking animatedly. He is wearing a hearing aid behind his ear; Copyright: Friedrichstadt-Palast; Andi Weiland |

Friedrichstadt-Palast; Andi Weiland |

Small, smart, connected: hearing solutions and smart home applications


The latest communication technology trends also affect hearing systems: These tiny hearing amplifiers are getting smarter and can sometimes be connected to other systems. recaps the latest trends in hearing aid technology, explains the present limitations and explores other applications for the deaf and hard of hearing community.
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Photo: Ron Hattenhorst demonstrating remote interpreting at REHACARE 2019; Copyright: beta-web


Telecommunications services for people with hearing impairments


Email has revolutionized the way we communicate. But sometimes urgent situations or issues need a one-on-one conversation via phone call. The latter can be a challenge for people who are hearing impaired or deaf. With many years of experience in remote interpreting, two service providers – TeleSign Deutschland and Tess-Sign & Script-Dienste – meet these language support needs.
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