Accessible hiking in the mountains: The X8 off-road power wheelchair takes users to the top


Photo: Woman in power wheelchair X8 in the mountains, in the background the mountain panorama of the Zugspitze; Copyright: Sunrise Medical

A summit stormer on four wheels: With the Extreme X8 off-road power wheelchair, it is possible to be self-determinedly mobile even in the mountains.

Photo: In the foreground a larger stone can be seen, in the background the X8 power wheelchair is slightly out of focus; Copyright: Sunrise Medical

Over stick and stone: The all-terrain power wheelchair reliably copes with the most diverse surfaces.

Power wheelchair ensures mobility and participation

Photo: Woman in power wheelchair X8 in the mountains during the ascent, she looks slightly over her shoulder into the camera; Copyright: Sunrise Medical

Self-determined living and social participation – accessible mountain tours with the right off-road wheelchair contribute exactly to this.

Accessible mountain hikes signify a little slice of freedom

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private