Modern rehabilitation: Tailored to the individual patient and assisted by robots


Photo: Various therapy devices from Tyromotion, including patients who perform exercises under the supervision of physiotherapists; Copyright: Tyromotion

Tyrosolution by Tyromotion: This is how it could look in a rehab clinic that uses robotic and computer-supported therapy devices from the Austrian company.

Photo: Dr. Helga Seel; Copyright: BAR e.V.

Dr. Helga Seel is Managing Director of BAR e.V. and is therefore very familiar with rehabilitation.

Modern and individual rehabilitation services

Robotic and technical assistance therapy solutions in hospitals or at home

Photo: A physiotherapist sits together with an elderly patient and performs exercises, in the background a patient sits on a robotic-assisted therapy device; Copyright: Hocoma, Switzerland

The purpose of the robotic-supported therapy devices is also to relieve the physiotherapists, who can then in the best case take care of several patients during the rehabilitation measures.

"Rehabilitation concerns all of us"

Foto: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: privat

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