Safe smart living and aging in place


Photo: A hand controlling smart home options on a tablet; Copyright: PantherMedia/aa-w

Technical assistance systems and smart home applications are also becoming increasingly interesting in the area of living.

Smart Homes and Ambient Assisted Living

Photo:An elderly couple using the tablet to control the parameters of their home; Copyright: PantherMedia/adriaticphoto

Not all older people are technophile. But as the current generation is also getting older, smart systems will sooner or later find their way into our homes.

Assistance systems and eCare relieve the care sector

The importance of identifying a target audience

Photo: A stairlift for disabled people at a building complex; Copyright: PantherMedia/

Not everything, must be regulated with the latest technology. Ambient Assisted Living also means that a building simply provides assistance where it is needed.

Technology as a support, not an obstacle

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