Untapped potential: Fashion created for people with disabilities


Photo: Arm of a wheelchair user next to the wheelchair wheel. She is wearing a jacket with special fabric on the sleeve; Copyright: Daniela Luquini

Special fabrics and their corresponding processing on jacket sleeves, for example, can make a big difference in everyday handling for people who use a wheelchair.

Can we get functional and fashionable clothing, please?!

Photo: 2 models in wheelchairs, one model with trisomy 21 - all 3 wear the same trousers; Copyright: Michael Atkinson/Samanta Bullock SB

In the online shop of Samanta Bullock (left), people who enjoy diverse fashion will find what they are looking for. Like, for example, trousers that look good both sitting on Sabine Klemens (right) and standing on Kathleen Humberstone (centre).

Tommy Hilfiger meets AUF AUGENHOEHE

Photo: Various little models posing in the clothes of AUF AUGENHOEHE; Copyright: Anna Spindelndreier

Small people like Mick Mehnert (second from the right) can now finally buy clothes with the fashion from AUF AUGENHOEHEHE that fit directly.

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Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private

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