Wheelchair "add-ons": it all adds up to more fun and participation


Photo: A young man is off the beaten track in the forest with the balance wheelchair; Copyright: 2KERR

Whether on uneven terrain or in the city, the Bi-Go is virtually the entry-level model in the world of balance wheelchairs. Thanks to Segway technology, the wheelchair checks 100 times per minute in which position the wheelchair is at the moment and thus keeps its balance.

Wheelchairs made by wheelchair users, for wheelchair users

Photo: A wheelchair user with an e-pilot add-on scooter on a gravel path, with a cyclist behind him; Copyright: Alber GmbH

E-drives expand the possibilities of users not only in everyday life, but also in their leisure time.

Power assist add-on systems encourage participation and mobility

Tools for people who want more out of life

Photo: A young wheelchair user crosses a street at a crosswalk holding hands with his girlfriend; Copyright: Alber GmbH

The SMOOV one is always there when you need it. Depending on the mood of the day and whether you need the extra power or not. In addition, the add-on drive has a battery indicator, Bluetooth interface and a USB-C port.

The Segway wheelchair – the link between active wheelchair and traction device

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private