How can I help you? – An accessible shopping experience please!

Photo: wheelchair-accessible shopping cart; ©


Wide aisles, a lot of room between the shelves, non-slip flooring and easy-to-read price tags – this is especially important for senior citizens and persons with disabilities when they shop. But in the real world, things are often very different: shopping carts that are hard to maneuver, narrow checkout aisles or undersized dressing rooms are all too common.


The dream of accessible shopping

Photo: woman of small stature using a scale at her seize; ©

This is how it should be: Scales installed at different heights allow people of small stature to independently weigh their goods; ©

Turning shopping into an experience

Trip hazards and barriers – no, thank you!

Photo: pallets in the aisles, set down carelessly by employees; © beta-web GmbH/Lormis

Not like this! Even if goods are filled up for a short time employees should make sure that gears are still accessible; © beta-web GmbH/Lormis

Training, training, training

And here is how things are in the real world …

Foto: Melanie Günther; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Fromman