Active on vacation – with the right travel offers and the right assistive devices


Photo: A woman in a wheelchair on a large sailboat on a rope, behind her a helping woman; Copyright: SailWise

Sailing on the IJsselmeer, dropping dry on the Wadden Sea, exploring cozy Frisian harbor towns or visiting the Wadden Islands. On a sailing vacation with the Lutgerdina you experience something new every day.

Physically and financially accessible

Photo: A woman with disabilities sits at the helm of a sailing dinghy, a second woman sits in the boat with her and holds ropes in her hands; Copyright: SailWise

At SailWise, people with disabilities experience an unforgettable vacation together with volunteer helpers. Thanks to the accessible accommodations and boats, everyone can participate fully.

A vacation with great added value

SailWise at REHACARE

"Huckleberry Finn" – the inclusion houseboat

Accessibility on board – on the cruise ship

Self-determined travel – with the camper

Independence on vacation – with travel aids

Traveling with a mobility aid