Adaptive clothing: designed to fit


Photo: a white-haired gentleman fashionably dressed in ocher tones in a wheelchair. Behind him is someone, also in ocher tones, with his hands on the wheelchair; Copyright: PantherMedia / HayDmitriy

Dressing fashionably is a way of life for many people. A disability should therefore not be an obstacle.

Photo: Presentation of wheelchair pants by a person in a wheelchair; Copyright: Silverts Adaptive LLC.

Wheelchair pants have flat seams, are longer in the back than in the front, and have simple closures.

Magnetic closures make dressing easier

Shoes – In a class of their own

Photo: two rollator bags are presented. One is black, the other one in leopard design; Copyright: Saljol GmbH.

Together with the brand JOST, Saljol GmbH has developed a high-quality designer bag for the rollator: The bag combines modern design with a special level of functionality.

The right accessories make or break an outfit

Foto: Simone Ernst; Copyright: B. Fromann