Thoughtful and smart: adaptive fashion as an inclusion booster


Photo: Three wheelchair users are posing in clothes of a adaptive fashion brand; Copyright: Rolling Pants

Paid models turned brand ambassadors: Tan Caglar (left), Dieter Laven and Nina Wortmann proudly wear Rolling Pants. Why? "The details are thoughtful, the pants are functional and are made to fit wheelchair users," gushes Wortmann.

Designed by life - purchased by wheelchair users

Photo: Jessie Provoost (left) and Sofie Ternest; Copyright: So Yes

If there is no adaptive clothing, we must make it ourselves, said Sofie Ternest (right) and Jessie Provoost. So Yes celebrates five years in business. And the two Belgians still have more big plans in the works.

From occupational therapists to designers

Image: a collage of different zip models on So Yes clothing; Copyright: So Yes

Sustainability is a top priority for the Ternest/Provoost duo. The designers use natural materials such as cotton or wool.

Photo: Manuela Schupp - a customer of Fadenstolz - in a measured outfit made by Jessica Lewerentz; Copyright: Fadenstolz

A herringbone pattern that fits perfectly: customers like Manuela Schupp (photo) know what they appreciate about Jessica Lewerentz's work. Whether it's a cape or trousers - everything is made to measure.

Fabrics, colors, self-determination – custom-made by Fadenstolz

Photo: Summer pants in different colors tied together with a rope lie on sand; Copyright: Rolling Pants

For the hottest season of the year, Rolling Pants offers breezy cotton summer pants.

Adaptive fashion: Pleasantly unobtrusive and discreet

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private