Small things that have big benefits: daily living aids help make everyday life easier


Photo: a person with the right hand in a plaster cast smears himself a roll with the help of his left hand and a special eating board; Copyright: Ornamin

If you can only move one hand or arm without restrictions, small things in the design often help you to remain independent. For example, an edge on the chopping board so that the bread doesn't slip off while being greased. Or a holder for fruit and vegetables.

Non-slip boards and cutlery with special handles

Photo: Boy riding a bicycle and wearing a helmet. His right hand is in a special holder attached to the handlebars; Copyright: Pohlig GmbH

Thanks to a custom-made silicone aid on the handlebar, this boy can ride his bike safely.

Custom-made supports for independent living

Foto: Simone Ernst; Copyright: B. Fromann