Fashion for wheelchair users – functional, comfortable, diverse


Photo: Samanta Bullock in her wheelchair at the beach. She is wearing a chic red dress; Copyright: Lawson Filho

"People need their individuality and their personality. And fashion can do that for them: Show them who they are, make them feel comfortable and secure," says Samanta Bullock about the power of fashion.

Photo collage: Sabine Klemens in different outfits by Samanta Bullock; Copyright: Michael Atkinson/Samanta Bullock SB

"We are worth it that the fashion industry perceives us as a fashion-conscious clientele and no longer ignores us. I want to be visible and feel as comfortable in my clothes as I do in my skin underneath", Sabine Klemens demands in a representative way for many other wheelchair users.

When function meets comfort in fashion

Photo: Various models at the photo shoot. Two women in wheelchairs, a young woman with trisomy 21 and a female plus-size model; Copyright: Christoph Klemens/Samanta Bullock SB

For Sabine Klemens (left) fashion is another word for diversity and has the power to break down prejudices. She can be seen here with make-up artist Huma Tahir and the models Miss Prata, Kathleen Humberstone and designer Samanta Bullock.

Filling a marketplace void: sustainable and inclusive fashion

Models exemplify diversity and authenticity

Photo: Sabine Klemens in a Kinetic Balance outfit, sitting on the floor in front of a graffiti wall, next to her the wheelchair; Copyright: Christoph Klemens/Kinetic Balance

Functional and at the same time fashionably attractive clothing is not a matter of course for wheelchair users. They are all the happier when they have found the right brand for themselves – like Sabine Klemens with Kinetic Balance, for example.

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private