Tangible safety: self-determination thanks to Flexo handrail systems

We asked Siegfried Schmid, Managing Director of Flexo-Handlaufsysteme GmbH


Image: Double-sided and standard-compliant wall handrail in a residential complex; Copyright: Flexo-Handlaufsysteme GmbH

Handrails on both sides allow many people to use stairs.

Image: Wall handrail outside to the front door; Copyright: Flexo-Handlaufsysteme GmbH

A wall handrail leading along the stairs to the front door can contribute to a self-determined life.

Image: Handrail next to a bed; Copyright: Flexo-Handlaufsysteme GmbH

Handrails can not only make it possible to climb stairs, but also provide freedom of movement in all rooms.