Small, smart, connected: hearing solutions and smart home applications


Photo: a young woman and a young man at an evening event, talking animatedly. He is wearing a hearing aid behind his ear; Copyright: Friedrichstadt-Palast; Andi Weiland |

Adaptive noise suppression, situation recognition/analysis and automatic speech enhancement – modern hearing systems can already do an incredible amount. They are so small and easy to use that it is easy to forget what they are capable of.

Connectivity and smart home applications are trending

Photo: the vibio bed shaker and a smartphone showing the desired time for the alarm; Copyright: Bellman & Symfon AB

With the Bellman Vibio Bed Shaker, you'll never oversleep again. You can intuitively set the desired alarm time and other alarms via the corresponding app on your smartphone.

Hearing amplifiers: Supporting assistive technology

Photo: the earis hearing system at REHACARE 2019; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter

The premium version of the earis® TV hearing system is characterized in particular by the so-called "dynamic sound HS". These are a total of five sound patterns that represent different hearing preferences. The user selects according to his or her own preferences at the touch of a button.

Lack of awareness limits access to assistive technologies

Photo: A table flash lamp that emits flashes of light; Copyright: Bellman & Symfon AB

The intensity of the light flashes of the Visit Flash Receiver indicates an alarm to the residents, whether if there's someone at the door or the telephone rings.

Communication at all levels

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private