EXTRA: Made to measure sports wheelchair for a better performance


Collage: The turkish wheelchair basketball players Cem Gezinci, Ozgur Gurbulak and the tennis player Ugur Altinel; Copyright: ExtraWheelchairs

Özgür Gürbulak (below left) has already been convinced by EXTRA Wheelchairs. The Turkish national player, who became European champion with his team in 2017, relies on the light and indestructible wheelchair from his own country as well as Cem Gezinci (up left), and tennis player Ugur Altinel.

Photo: Demirhan Serefhan; Copyright: ExtraWheelchairs

Demirhan Serefhan – who is also looking for distributors worldwide for EXTRA Wheelchairs.

Photo: Turkish Wheelchair Tennis player Busra Un; Copyright: ExtraWheelchairs

EXTRA wheelchairs does not only manufacture basketball wheelchairs. The company is also well versed in other sports, such as fencing and tennis. Busra Un for example is one of the first female Paralympic tennis players in Turkey and trusts in EXTRA Wheelchairs.

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private