The right assistive technology promotes active sports participation


Photo: two people on ski: one is sitting in the front, the second person is standing in the back, steering the ski; Copyright: Tessier SARL

Skiing is also something for inexperienced novice skiers: You can sit in the front seat and let a person without a disability steer the skis.

Explore the mountains with the mono ski

Image: a french bridge, the Pont du Gard; Copyright: Bike Labyrinth

When the weather is grey and wet, Bike Labyrinth is a great way to escape to the sun – for example, to France's Pont du Gard.

Bike tours for people with dementia

Photo: Two people standing on a mountain slope, one in the seat pan of a tandem mountain bike, the other person standing behind it on the handlebars; Copyright: Tessier SARL

With the tandem wheelchair, mountain panoramas can be explored and mountains can be raced down.

Accessible sports in the summer