More self-determination thanks to smart technologies


Photo: a man with white hair and blue shirt smiles to the camera, a white Patronusens-box is installed at the ceiling; Copyright: Inferics GmbH

PatronuSens is a ceiling-mounted sensor. It is inconspicuous and discreet but accurately detects falls and gives users a sense of safety in their own home.

A watchful eye: A ceiling-mounted 3D camera guards you

Image: an alarm with many symbols, symbolizing the front door or telephone, with a light signal on the right side; Copyright: Humantechnik GmbH

An alarm clock is also available in the Lisa product range. It is equipped with various symbols and a light signal that tells users which device is currently receiving a signal while they are still in bed.

Never miss out again: Signaling systems use light flashes

Image: a white sensor that can be placed underneath a matress; Copyright: Abilia AB

The sensor from the company Abilia is quite thin so that it can simply be placed under the mattress and is not unpleasantly noticeable when sleeping.

Smart helpers make life easier for caregivers

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