Smart Living: more independence thanks to voice control


Photo: a woman is sitting at a table, in front of her a device for voice control is placed on the table; Copyright: Panthermedia/Andreypopov

Smart living: With voice control, many situations can be simplified for older people or people with disabilities at home.

Voice control helps when all else fails

Photo: the home control device of the Sybility company looks like a black remote control with four blue buttons; Copyright: Sybility GmbH

The new Pilot X is currently being redeveloped so that in future the last buttons will also be omitted and the device will only be operable by voice.

Alert technology and secure connections

Photo: the voice control of the Humantechnik company looks like a black box with white buttons on the front ; Copyright: Humanelektronik GmbH

The 2Speak is also a voice control for impaired persons. It also works reliably when the person speaking is hoarse or speaks softly.

Innovative technology also makes life easier for family members