Touch, hear, participate: Assistive technology helps conquer visual impairment


Photo: a blind man is reading a book with braille characters; Copyright: dzb lesen

Reading is a pleasant pastime – with Braille and relief books, even people with visual impairments can participate.

Yes, to communication but privacy, please

Photo: shot over the shoulder of a man who is using a help2type QWERTY keyboard; Copyright: help2type GmbH

The external keyboard help2type allows affected persons to communicate via smartphone without having to compromise on privacy.

Inclusion calls for commitment at all levels

Live translation to make life easier

Touching and feeling pictures and stories

Image: a blind child is reading a Braille book; Copyright: dzb lesen

Reading educates and promotes creativity – children should also develop the fun of reading with an appropriate offer.

Photo: Kyra Molinari; Copyright: Stefan Gersema