Wheeleo®: the walking aid for stability and autonomy

We asked Gregory Vanderveken, Co-Founder & CEO Wheeleo® (by InnoRehab)


Image: An elderly woman is grocery shopping with her Wheeleo®; Copyright: Wheeleo®

With the Wheeleo®, many everyday things are possible again, such as independent grocery shopping.

Image:A young woman stands up from a bench at a table with the Wheeleo® and laughs. A young man sits opposite; Copyright: Wheeleo®

The Wheeleo® brings autonomy and support in everyday situations.

Image: An elderly woman packs her Wheeleo® into a travel bag; Copyright: Wheeleo®

The Wheeleo® is easy to transport and therefore a good companion.

Image: A patient walks along a corridor with the Wheeleo® while a therapist walks next to him and explains something; Copyright: Wheeleo®

The Wheeleo® is not only used in everyday life at home, but also in many hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.