Photo gallery: Meeting point REHACARE – Where visitors and exhibitors can get together

Photo: Britta Bürstenbinder at the Head App booth at REHACARE; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"We are present at REHACARE for the first time. There is a clear trend towards networking in our industry. It is important for patients and therapists that all devices can be operated and used on the move. At the trade fair we get direct feedback thanks to direct customer contact."
Photo: Sonder Akdeniz at the POWER STOCKS booth; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"We meet many of our regular customers here, but also new ones, so that you can exchange ideas constantly and immediately. What's also nice is the internationality of the fair."
Photo: Leticia Voland Aguilar at the booth of Sunrise Medical; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"We have brought along a new range of electric wheelchairs. The 14 chairs feature new modularity and can be easily networked with the user's environment. Here at REHACARE, we can present them to everyone who is important for the industry – end users and colleagues. We like the combination, which is why we have been exhibiting for more than 10 years."
Photo: Detlev Ziegler; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"REHACARE is one of the most important meeting places for trading, not only internationally, but also – and this is the decisive reason for us to be represented here as exhibitors – for Germany."
Photo: Ralf Dziabel (left) and Ewald Rübel; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"For us, REHACARE is the most important event on the trade fair market, which is why we have been happy to produce and exhibit our products here since the late 1980s."
Photo: Marcel Sorg at his booth at REHACARE; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"We have been represented at REHACARE for 15 to 20 years now. This year we have something new with us: a lockable rope pull brake that can be locked so that the children can't reach it to open it themselves."
Photo: Visitor Wolfgang Schasse at REHACARE; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"For over ten years, I have enjoyed coming to REHACARE again and again. It is a nice place to look around, but also to meet familiar faces like old schoolmates again. But I am also interested in the products. I have just seen a car that has been parked completely autonomously outside on the outside surface using manual control. Impressive!"
Photo: Family Zorzon from Romania; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"We come from Romania, where we produce and sell medical orthopaedic products and orthoses. At REHACARE we want to inform ourselves about new technologies and possibilities from the industry. It is a good opportunity to get up to date. Perhaps we will also be exhibiting in the next few years."
Photo: Hartmut Kaltenbach from Dortmund; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"I work in the marketing area for walking aids. And this year I'm at REHACARE to maintain business relationships and meet new potential partners. And I have to say: Networking here works very well. A few business transactions were positive."
Photo: Ursula Trebes; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"For me it is a premiere at REHACARE, but I have to say that I'm overwhelmed by the diversity and the impressions. It is very impressive what is offered here and how many possibilities there are for helping people with disabilities. Me and my husband are particularly interested in the possibilities of transportation."
Photo: Matthieu Brera and Sandra Balon; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"Above all, we want to see things that are new," says Matthieu Brera. "I have seen a ventilator that can stimulate coughing," adds Sandra Balon. "Since I work with severely disabled people, I had to think directly of one of my patients who could certainly benefit from this device."
Photo: Salihe Cücünay and Metin Cürünay from Düsseldorf; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
"Since 2011 we are regularly at REHACARE and test many of the aids and devices. If we find something suitable, we save the money in order to be able to buy it. The topic of inclusion – especially of children – is also very important to me and there is a lot of information about it at the fair."