Lionel Messi and OrCam: Enhancing self-determination in the lives of people with visual impairments


Photo: a man with brown hair a beard – Lionel Messi – smiles and holds a small OrCam towards the camera; Copyright: OrCam

Lionel Messi knows about the power of medicine and technology. He is aware of his reach and wants to send an important message.

What is the OrCam MyEye device?

Photo: glasses with a small attached OrCam on a white background; Copyright: OrCam

The OrCam device is a tiny, smart camera which can be attached to the side of any pair of eyeglasses.

OrCam and the coronavirus pandemic: A big step towards digitalization

Photo: different people in black t-shirts smiling towards the camera; Copyright: OrCam

Before the COVID-19 pandemic happened, the customers and OrCam Ambassador Messi met each other.

Messi and the Dream Team: An unusual partnership

Photo: Sonja Koller; Copyright: beta-web