PTSD assistance dogs provide security and increase rehabilitation successes

We asked Astrid Ledwina, first chairperson, Rehahunde Deutschland e.V.


Photo: a woman with red hair next to a man in black suit – Astrid Ledwina and Hubertus Heil; Copyright: Rehahunde Deutschland e.V.

Astrid Ledwina with Hubertus Heil, german Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

Photo: a girl cuddling with a golden retriever puppy; Copyright: Rehahunde-Deutschland e.V.

Dogs and children must fit together well – but above all, the assistance dog must be able to do its work undisturbed later on.

Photo: a female soldier leaning her head against her dog; Copyright: Rehahunde-Deutschland e.V.

PTSD assistance dogs learn in their training how to support or distract their owners in certain situations.

Photo: a soldier leaning his head against his dog; Copyright: Rehahunde-Deutschland e.V.

The PTSD assistance dogs are an important emotionla support for their owners in everyday life.

Foto: Kyra Molinari; Copyright: Stefan Gersema
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