Photo gallery: A safe island for siblings

Photo: Kerstin Wegener with the dolls Lasse and Linda; Copyright: mission:lebenshaus gGmbH
Welcome to the Sibling Island
The "Sibling Island" is above all a place for the siblings of diseased young people, where they can give space to their feelings, play and be creative. They are accompanied by the educational team and volunteers of the children's and youth hospice, as well as Lasse and Linda, with whom educator Kerstin Wegener always welcomes visitors.
Collage: The entrance area of Sibling Island; Copyright: mission:lebenshaus gGmbH
Come on in...
Before entering the group room, which is the main part of the 140 square meter "Sibling Island", the children can stow their jackets and shoes in the entrance area. By the way, the doors are large enough to allow access for everybody, so that inclusive activities can be provided.
Collage: A view inside the group room with the open kitchen area; Copyright: mission:lebenshaus gGmbH
Flexible and plenty of room for individual development

The large group room is mainly used for table games, discussions, paperwork and other activities. The furniture is flexible so that the entire floor space can be used for movement, creative activities and discussion groups, for example.

The kitchen is centrally located in the large group room. Cooking together and preparing breakfast for the siblings – the cooking island is ideally suited for this purpose – due to sufficient space and platforms for children. A sitting area invites you to enjoy yourself.

Photo: The weekly big breakfast for the siblings; Copyright: mission:lebenshaus gGmbH
An ideal start of the day
Once a week a sibling breakfast is held. Usually the table is set and lovingly decorated by volunteers. Of course there is the possibility that the children help with this.
Photo: A boy paints a kite; Copyright: mission:lebenshaus gGmbH
Exclusive sibling time – diverse and creative
Daily exclusive sibling times are offered for the siblings in small groups. This offer takes place from Monday to Friday as well as on weekends and holidays if required. The sibling time is prepared in regular collegial exchange with a view to the current situation. The planning, support and reflection is done together with full-time and honorary positions.
Collage: Cooking, working soapstone in the workroom and two siblings playing; Copyright: mission:lebenshaus gGmbH
Experiencing with all senses
The sibling time is very diverse and includes among other things craft and creative offers, conversations and games. In the workroom with its two workbenches, for example, wood or soapstone are processed under supervision.
But also cooking together is an offer in the facility. Initiated by a volunteer chef, this inclusive activity is about creating a holistic experience for eye, nose, mouth, stomach and soul. Great importance is attached to the use of organic food. The children are allowed to be curious, to experiment, to get to know and taste a variety of dishes. They are involved from the preparation to the common meal and can thus experience the joy of cooking.
Photo: A female employee with a mouth nose protection mask is doing homework with a sibling; Copyright: mission:lebenshaus gGmbH
Individual support in school matters
Volunteers provide individual support for the siblings with their homework/teaching subjects. This is done according to the needs and agreements between parents, the school and the pedagogical team.
Photo: Siblings at the beach; Copyright: mission:lebenshaus gGmbH
Getting out is important too
Some of the offers are excursions to the surrounding area of Wilhelmshaven, which are suggested according to the needs and ideas of the children themselves or those involved in this area.
Photo: A member of the pedagogical team on an individual excursion with one of the children; Copyright: mission:lebenshaus gGmbH
Reliable listeners for the big and small worries of the kids
Individual accompaniment can be arranged as required. Not everything can and should be kept in one group. During this time, the children need reliable conversation partners and confidants, who can understand their needs and offer them appropriate support. The exchange in an interdisciplinary team enables individual support.
Photo: Employee during a video chat with one of the children; Copyright: mission:lebenshaus gGmbH
Support also during the pandemic times
The office in the "Sibling Island" is actually a place for protected conversations and for the documentation of the pedagogical support. During the Corona pandemic, the team also uses the rooms to contact children via video calls. Especially in these uncertain times, professional support is needed more than ever.

Although complicated by the current situation, the team of the Children's and Youth Hospice also attaches great importance to the topic of aftercare. Thus the Sibling Weekend has established itself. Here, siblings whose sister or brother has already passed away can return to the hospice, where they meet other siblings, familiar companions and return to the family life strengthened.