Image: Three side-by-side muscle implants, consisting of electrode contacts and electronics and a silicone tube; Copyright: Fraunhofer IBMT

Fraunhofer IBMT

Human-machine interface stops muscle tremors


Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering IBMT and their collaborative partners have developed a technology platform that uses biocompatible electrodes and controllers to help people with muscle tremors reduce tremors and may also help people with spinal cord injuries.
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Photo: Marion Fischer is standing on the beach, in the background the sea can be seen; Copyright: private


Marion Fischer – That's how she rolls


Marion Fischer lives for working with people. The 22-year-old is a curative education nurse and works in a children's and youth hospice. She recently learned how important it is to give everyone a place in the middle of society when she was diagnosed with a rare form of Parkinson's disease. What she is fighting for and how she rolls otherwise, she tells us on
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Photo: wind turbines on a field; Copyright: PantherMedia / Jens Ickler

PantherMedia / Jens Ickler

Disabled people risk being left in the cold in a sustainable energy future


A new study reveals that disabled households in the Europe Union currently consume 10 per cent less energy than other households, as well as being 5 per cent more likely to experience energy poverty.
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Photo: Nico De Wilde at the ribcap booth at REHACARE 2019; Copyright: beta-web


Ribcap: Protective headgear made fashionable


Having to wear a protective headgear because of preventing falls doesn't look very fashionable. But there's a way to express your own style and still being safe: The Ribcaps by Glomarket bvba were designed just for that.
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Photo: Screenshot from the Bravo Twist product video. An older man sits in front of a plate and holds the Bravo Twist in his hand ; Copyright: Pro Walk GmbH

Pro Walk GmbH

Adaptive eating utensils with a Twist: How Bravo Twist by ProWalk outsmarts Parkinson’s tremors


We all know that food intake is essential for the survival of every living organism. Yet for humans, food can also be a great source of pleasure or even love. At any rate, it is an important part of our social life. But what happens if our own body throws a monkey wrench into our food intake by having a stroke or neurological disorder?
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Photo: Sensory insole by novapace lying in front of a tablet on a table; Copyright: novapace


Parkinson's disease: Greater gait stability thanks to smart insoles


Gentle vibrations delivered to feet alert users to dangerous situations as they walk and prompt a more normalized gait pattern. That’s the concept behind the sensory orthotic insoles by novapace. In this interview, Simon Staffa, project manager at novapace, explains how this technology can help people with Parkinson's disease and describes the opportunities digitization brings to rehabilitation.
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