REHACARE – a specialist trade fair for rehabilitation and care

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What is REHACARE about?

What's on offer at REHACARE?

REHACARE would like to offer solutions to problems.

The trade fair is, for example, for older people, people with dis-abilities,

People with long-term ill-nesses or people receiving care.

There are various aids available at REHACARE.

And visitors will find a lot of information, offers and services in the program.

There is also sports and good entertainment.

So you can get to know helpful things.

Helpful things for many things that can happen in life.

And there is something to discover for almost every dis-ability or limitation:

• Products from many countries around the world

• New offerings and inventions

• Lectures and advice on various types of help

This way you can learn a lot of new things.

Who comes to REHACARE?

Visitors will find this and more at REHACARE 2024!

There is almost no trade fair in the world that is so important.

People who know a lot come here.

So people who already know their stuff well.

For example, people who work in the rehab-ilitation sector.

But also people who need help themselves or want to get information.

And their families and friends.

The trade fair is an important platform for:

• the economy, for example for businesses and companies

• science and research

• many decisions in politics

In this way, REHACARE can make an important contribution:

For a self-determined life for EVERYONE!

Where can I get a ticket for REHACARE?

Do you need an entry ticket for REHACARE?

You can buy the tickets in our online shop or directly at Messe Düsseldorf.

The prices in the Internet store:

A entry card costs: 9 €

Do you have the marker B or H on your dis-abled person's pass?

Then someone can come along for free.

The web address for the internet shop is:

The prices at the entrance to REHACARE:

A regular entry card costs: €17

Low price entry card: €9

Do you have the marker B or H on your disabled person's pass?

Then someone can come along for free.

Tickets with a low price

Low price tickets are available for these people:

• Pupils aged 6 and over

• Students

• People in vocational training

• People in voluntary military service

• People in the federal voluntary service

• People without jobs

• older people aged 65 and over

• pensioners

• People with dis-abilities

• Düsselpass holders

You need your ID for the low price entry ticket.

Arrival – The way to us

How to get to REHACARE:

Here we have put together important information for you, so that you have a good and easy journey to us.

Important: Don’t forget your bus and train ticket!

You need a ticket to travel by bus or train.

The Messe Düsseldorf admission ticket does not include free outward or return travel on public transport.

By bus and train to the trade fair

By bus and train you can reach the exhibition grounds from the main train station in Düsseldorf in around 30 minutes.

The subway lines U78 and U79 can be reached via elevators in the basement floor from the train station.

If you want to go to the south entrances (Eingänge Süd):

Change to bus line 722 at the Messe Ost / Stockumer Kirchstraße stop.

Important: Not only accessible low-floor buses operate on this route.

Important telephone numbers for an accessible arrival:

• Rhein-Bahn-Infoline: Telephone +49 1806 50 40 30 (€ 0.20/call from the German landline, maximum €0.60/call from mobile phones)

• Rhein-Bahn escort service: Telephone +49 211 582 3456

• Deutsche Bahn mobility service center: Telephone +49 30 652 12 888

By cab to the trade fair

There are a number of special vehicles available as cabs in Düsseldorf.

If you need a special cab, please call the cab headquarters in advance:

• Cab headquarters: Telephone +49 211 333 33

By plane to the trade fair

Düsseldorf International Airport is designed to be handicapped accessible.

From the airport you can reach the entrance to the trade fair in about 10 minutes with the Rhein-Bahn bus line 896.

There are not always accessible low-floor buses on the Rhein-Bahn-Bus line 896.

Important telephone numbers for an accessible arrival:

• Information at Düsseldorf Airport: Telephone +49 211 421 0

• First aid / wheel-chairs / Johanniter: Telephone +49 211 421 2597

• Luggage porter registration: Telephone +49 211 421 6888

• Messe Düsseldorf information desk at the airport: Telephone +49 211 421 6800

Trade fair parking spaces for people with dis-abilities

During REHACARE, visitors with dis-abilities can park on the exhibition grounds.

But only if you have a parking card for disabled persons.

You can park in the indoor area between Hall 9 and Hall 17.

You enter the inner area via gate 1 on Rotterdamer Straße.

Important: You will need a visitor entry card in advance.

Information and services for people with dis-abilities

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets (WC) are available in all halls at REHACARE,

in the south entrance and north entrance, in the open area outside of halls 5, 6 and hall 7a.

A toilet with a movable lifter can be found in the outdoor area between Hall 4 and Hall 5.

You will also find REHACARE employees at the toilets at any time.

They will help you as a contact person for further information.

Restaurants and accessible areas

The REHACARE halls are on the ground floor and barrier-free.

This means there are no steps or thresholds.

There are also barrier-free restaurants and bistros in many halls:

In halls 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7a.

Exhibition Center (Messecenter)

There are various service facilities in the exhibition center, where trade fair visitors can get help.

The facilities are also helpful for people with dis-abilities.

For example, in the exhibition center there are:

• Postal service

• Telephone service

• Travel agency

• Bank with ATM

The exhibition center is directly next to the trade fair high-rise buildings.

First aid station

Do you need medical help?

The first aid station can be found at the north entrance.

Ask the trade fair employees or use the hall telephones.

The telephones are next to all hall entrances.

Wheelchair and scooter rentals

You can borrow wheelchairs and scooters free of charge:

At the north entrance (Hall 7.0) and at the south entrance.

This is possible throughout REHACARE.

Registration in advance is necessary.

To do this, please send us an email to:

Or call us: Telephone +49 5224-937 400

Other telephone number: Telephone +49 800-7386 627

Relaxation and service room for adults

There is a relaxation and service room for adults.

The room is in Hall 7.0 during REHACARE.

You have the opportunity to rest there.

There is also a lifter and service tables in the relaxation and service room.

And there are hygiene items.

Kid’s World (child care) and changing room for children

In Hall 4 you will find inclusive and accessible child care during REHACARE.

The child care center is called Kid’s World.

There is a changing room for children right next to it.

Guidance system for blind and severely visually impaired people

From the North Entrance to Hall 5 we have a blind guidance system for blind and severely visually impaired people.

The carpet can be felt with the blind cane.

It will take you to the aids for people with a visual impairment.

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