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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.08  Diabetic requirements

Diabetic requirements

  • 06  Medical care
  • 06.11  Incontinence aids

Incontinence aids

  • 06  Medical care
  • 06.12  Catheter, permanent catheter, one off catheter

Catheter, permanent catheter, one off catheter

  • 06  Medical care
  • 06.15  Ostomy supplies

Ostomy supplies

  • 06  Medical care
  • 06.18  Sore care and dressing

Sore care and dressing

Our products

Product category: Diabetic requirements

Omnitest® 3 Set

Complete kit for measuring blood glucose in capillary blood
Advantages at a glance: 

Measurement time is only 3 sec.
Small sample volume of only 0.3 µL.
Auto-coding eliminates potential user errors.
Convenient strip ejector for safe disposal of used test strip.
Marking function for pre and post meal, medication and tests with control solution.
Five different customizable alarms.
Calculation of three average values in the range between 1 and 99 days.
Big display offers best view of all values.
Easy data management with the free of charge online diabetes diary Omnitest® Center or the compatible software DIABASS®.
Meter could be used without being removed from the meter case.
Kit includes: Omnitest® 3 device with batteries, Omnilance® lancing device, 10 Omnican® Lance soft lancets, 10 Omnitest® 3 test strips, check strip for functional control, meter case.
Measurement accuracy fulfills the tightened requirements of EN ISO 15197:2013. The device is intended only for in vitro diagnostic use.

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Product category: Catheter, permanent catheter, one off catheter

Cystofix® Paediatric Punction Set

Pediatric and neonate sets for suprapubic bladder drainage
The Cystofix® punction sets are sterile sets for suprapubic bladder drainage in children and infants.Indication
Cystofix® Paed drainage set is routinely used to perform suprapubic bladder drainage procedures when the uretral pathway is obstructed or other contraindications for normal urine voiding have to be followed.Properties
Cystofix® Paed Punction Set Ready to Use:

Preassembled catheter within the cannula to facilitate and shorten the preparation procedure reducing risk of sharp injury
Catheter made of polyurethane with curled pigtail (J) tipAvailable in CH10 and 50 cm length
Open tip with 5 drainage eyes inside the loop
Universal connector enabling a closed system
Thin and sharp stainless steel cannulaØ3,35 mm, 5 cm length
Splittable with ”3-wing” handling grip for an easy handling
Internal siliconized (“glide effect”) for an easy insertion
Distance spacer for control of insertion depth
2 l urine bagClosed system bag with bottom outlet, anti-reflux valve, needle free sampling port and 1 m tube
Slide clamp to stop urine flow on demand
Provided in boxes of 10 sets
Cystofix® Minipaed Punction Set:

Catheter made of polyurethane with curled pigtail (J) tipAvailable in CH5 and 50 cm length
Open tip with 5 drainage eyes inside the loop
Luer Lock connector
Thin and sharp stainless steel cannula: Ø2,2 mm, 5 cm length
Provided in boxes of 10 sets

Cystofix® Paediatric Punction Set

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Product category: Sore care and dressing

Askina® DresSil

Askina® DresSil
Foam dressings with silicone adhesive
Askina® DresSil is a self adherent foam dressing with soft silicone adhesive on one side and a vapour permeable waterproof film on the other. It combines the absorption capacity of the foam with the soft adhesion of the silicone contact layer.Advantages
Gentle and secure adherence
Minimized trauma during dressing changes (1)
Significant absorption capacity
Easy to use
Good conformability on difficult-to-dress areas and skin contours
Repositionable, can be cut to shape
Improves patient comfort
(1) Thomas S Atraumatic dressings. WorldWide Wounds, 2003

Pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers, arterial leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, 1st and 2nd degree burns, donor sites and skin tearsAskina® DresSil

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About us

Company details


Hospital Care
The Hospital Care Division supplies a comprehensive portfolio of I.V. injectables and equipment, infusion management systems and a range of regional anaesthesia and clinical nutrition products.

Our growth has been defined by innovation, we never consider our work complete and enjoy the reputation we have for exploring and innovating patient care technologies.
The Aesculap Division provides equipment used in operating theatres, including surgical instruments, sutures, vascular grafts, motor systems and orthopaedic implants.

Our work in Aesculap is directed by the needs of the profession and by the patient.

We work to deliver unrivalled function and effectiveness, economy and quality and more than anything, a return to health and mobility as soon as possible.
Out Patient Marketing
Within the Out Patient Market Division we provide for the areas of stoma care, urology, continence, wound care, disinfection and hygiene to ensure the continuation of the best possible quality of product for patients being cared for at home.

Everything we do is focused on making the health-care professional’s job simpler, safer and more effective, and to encourage the patient’s recovery with all the care and confidence we can give.
B. Braun Avitum (UK) Ltd
B. Braun Avitum delivers high quality, cost-effective dialysis and extracorporeal blood treatment systems and solutions to a growing number of worldwide patients.
B. Braun Sterilog Ltd
Working from world class facilities, B. Braun Sterilog both manages the safe, stringent, centralised cleansing and decontamination of medical instruments and allows for those instruments to be tracked, right to the moment of disposal, to ensure the ultimate patient protection.
Headquarters - Central Functions
The B. Braun UK Headquarters houses administration, finance, sales and marketing, management, human resources and information technology services, as well as Aesculap Academia, our dedicated provider of services and symposia for health-care professionals, and our logistics and distribution centre, which feeds into both the UK and Global supply chain networks.

Located just outside Sheffield, within 5 minutes of the M1, our purpose-built headquarters also contains a state of the art business centre and auditorium, which is available for use by our customers and partners.

These combined elements of B. Braun Medical Ltd as well as our ability to develop innovative products, services and systems, in partnership with health-care professionals, hospitals, universities and other specialist bodies, reflects on our commitment and promise of Sharing Expertise.

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