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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Apprenticeship, workplace and occupation
  • 02.04  Apprenticeship and re-education

Apprenticeship and re-education

  • 02  Apprenticeship, workplace and occupation
  • 02.05  Workplace design and organisation of work

Workplace design and organisation of work

  • 03  Barrier free living
  • 03.01  Advice in construction and housing
  • 03.01.01  Living environment planning

Living environment planning

  • 03  Barrier free living
  • 03.04  Electronical help systems
  • 03.04.01  Alarm monitoring and safety systems

Alarm monitoring and safety systems

  • 03  Barrier free living
  • 03.04  Electronical help systems
  • 03.04.04  Light signal systems

Light signal systems

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.02  Aids for hearing impaired persons

Aids for hearing impaired persons

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.02  Aids for hearing impaired persons
  • 05.02.05  Optical or mechanical signal indicators and alarm clocks

Optical or mechanical signal indicators and alarm clocks

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.02  Aids for hearing impaired persons
  • 05.02.08  Telephone amplifiers

Telephone amplifiers

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.02  Aids for hearing impaired persons
  • 05.02.09  Sound transmission devices and amplifiers

Sound transmission devices and amplifiers

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.04  Telecommunication aids
  • 05.04.02  Telephones and telephone systems

Telephones and telephone systems

  • 10  Travel, leisure, sports and recreation
  • 10.04  Aids for vacation and travel

Aids for vacation and travel

Our products

Product category: Light signal systems


The flashing alert for the telephone or the doorbell
visuTone is a compact signalling device, as small as a pocket book. It shows you the telephone ringing or the doorbell – either as a light flash or an extra loud acoustic signal or with both at the same time.

For the acoustic signalling, there are various melodies to choose from. Sound and volume can be adapted to your individual situation via the stage switch on the device.

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Product category: Telephone amplifiers

Inline telephone amplifier PL-51

The battery-operated, handy PL-51 can also fit into your baggage.
Simply connect the PL-51 between the receiver and the telephone, and your normal phone will turn into a telephone which compensates for light-to-medium grade hearing impairments. The other person will come across loud and clear, just how you want it.

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Product category: Telephones and telephone systems


Low price, high performance - with or without answering machine
With the new freeTELeco we preset a line of analogue cordless telephones which satisfy all modern requirements of phoning at a very attractive price. Two models of freeTELeco are available. Both - the white version without answering machine and the black version with answering machine - can be extended with up to 5 extra handsets. The range is 50 metres within buildings and up to 300 metres in the open.

Users of hearing aids and CI-systems can use the freeTELeco’s inductive function. With the adjustable amplification of up to + 30 db, the voice of your conversation partner can be made easily understood.
Incoming calls are signalled acoustically (10 ringtones and melodies to chose from) and optically with light flashes.
All hand sets feature a SOS-Alarm button, which is secured against involuntary use.

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Company details

 Greater independence for people with loss of hearing: In over 30 years, the vision of developing technology to give people enhanced quality of life has given rise to a group of companies which have established themselves on the market with self-awareness, both in Germany and abroad.

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