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Product categories

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.29  Prevention of falls

Prevention of falls

  • 03  Barrier free living
  • 03.04  Electronical help systems
  • 03.04.01  Alarm monitoring and safety systems

Our products

Product category: Alarm monitoring and safety systems

OWLSIGHT (bed watching system particularly for those who with dimentia)

OWLSIGHT is a bed-side watching system.  This device can detect large posture movements—standing, sitting or lying as well as small (minute) movements during repose—most typically the movements of the chest and abdomen associated with breathing.

OWLSIGHT uses a light projector that projects Infrared light beams on the human body and light spots are captured by two sensors. The sensors installed on the left end and the right end of the device detect postures that could pose danger to the person.

A sensor on the left monitors big movements of the body such as standing on the bed, leaning against the rails or falling off the bed. The other sensor on the right monitors small movements of the body, most typically the movements of the chest. These sensors are capable of detecting the body movements even if the patient is covered by a blanket because the blanket moves as the body moves.

This monitoring is carried out using artificial intelligence without contacting or constraining the patient at all. When a dangerous posture is detected, the system immediately (within a few seconds) notifies the caregiver (or doctor or nurse, as the case may be) of the danger.

This device enables the caregivers to be relieved of the burden of monitoring the patients on the bedside all the time. This device is expected to substantially reduce physical and psychological burden on the caregivers.

The entire bed is monitored, and any possible danger on the bed can be detected. If the person walks away from the monitoring zone, there will be no sign of body movements in the area, which implies that the patient is wandering around away from the bed, or the patient is in the bed but has no sign of body movements. The latter could be a more serious problem (the patient may not be breathing!) and immediate action is required.

A big advantage of this device is that we record only the light spots and no privacy information is recorded or stored. We pay very close attention to the protection of privacy. This device can be used in Europe where direct video monitoring or even silhouette monitoring is usually prohibited.

The information captured by this device can be transmitted to the caregivers immediately. The system discerns "dangerous" postures which may lead the patient to leaving the bed or falling off the bed and those postures that require prompt checking. The difference is made both visually (on the amart phone) and audibly (making an alarm sound).

We are also developing other watching devices to be used in various places of the house, care facilities or hospitals.  Room watching system detects falls and wandering in the room and leaving the room, and sends an alarm.  Toilet watching system detects dangerous body postures in the toilet and sends an alarm.  Bathroom watching system detects falls in the bathroom and also capable of detecting the minutest biological movements of the body as in respiration and sends an aarm, which could help rescue the lives of the drowning persons in the bathtub.

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Aug 29, 2016

Our technology

Technically our equipment employs the technology of fiber-grating (FG) vision sensor. Infrared light beams in 1000 to 2000 in number are projected in dots to monitor the movements of human body. This monitor senses both the relatively big movements of the body and the smaller movements as trembling or respiration. Big body movements include lying, sitting, standing, falling and also non-existent information. Small movements are respiration-related and laryngeal organ movements associated with swallowing. We have manifested the feasibility of our products in hospitals or care facilities in a number of joint researches with prominent universities and hospitals in Japan. Our medical products include a respiratory diagnostic system for both adults and neonates (two distinct systems) and a swallowing monitoring system. Care products include bed-side watching system, toilet watching system, bathroom watching system for the aged and those with dementia. A conspicuous characters of our equipment as distinct from the currently pervasive technology are as follows:

- Non-contact, non-invasive, non-constraint and non-radioactive
- By using a neural network, we can detect dangerous postures and notify the danger of the caretakers with minimum false alarms
- Provides accurate and quantitative data on small motions such as respiration or larynx movements.
- No infringement of privacy of individuals because the human body and its movements are expressed only by dots and photographic figure or even human silhouette is not used.
- Possibility of easy and quick transmission of collected information because these dots carry quite small size of data in themselves. (This feature is of particular importance where a mass monitoring or remote monitoring is required in a comprehensive care system in a local community.)

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About us

Company details

IDEAQUEST Inc. is a venture business company manufacturing the products listed above primarily for the aged and neonates. This venture is originated by professor emeritus of Keio University, Masato Nakajima, who is currently the CTO of this company. Our CEO, Mitsuhiro Sakamoto was the COO of Cyberdyne, a manufacturer of robot suits just before he joined IDEAQUEST. IDEAQUEST mission is to pursue the fundamental solution of issues concerning the wellbeing of mankind—neonates, infants, the aged and those with respiratory problems or swallowing difficulties.

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Nursing care for in-patient and homecare