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Maaike Verstraaten

Department head/group leader
Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

Kervel 4
6942 SC Didam, Netherlands

+31 85 7470008


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.07  Cutlery, eating aids
  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.12  Feeding devices, feeding tubes, feeding pumps

Feeding devices, feeding tubes, feeding pumps

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.31  Drinking aids

Drinking aids

  • 02  Apprenticeship, workplace and occupation
  • 02.13  Manipulators

Our products

Product category: Manipulators

iFLOAT Arm Support

What goes up must come down, however many daily activities attempt to defy gravity. For example when we eat, drink, work or do hobbies. In instances of muscle power loss, these daily activities can be seriously fatiguing. Our  arm support is designed for people with diminished muscle function due to elderliness, myopathy or a neurological condition. The arm support compensates the weight of the arm in such a way that with less effort the arm can move,  giving a long horizontal and vertical reach.

It is the vertical movement compensation of the iFLOAT that makes daily chores such as eating, drinking and personal care like combing hair and cleaning teeth so much simpler to perform.

The iFLOAT can be fitted to a table (via a clamp) or (wheel)chair (via a bracket).

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Product category: Manipulators

iFLOAT Powered Assist Arm Support

Meet the iFLOAT Powered Assist arm support. The iFLOAT Powered Assist is related to the already existing iFLOAT arm support. The iFLOAT Powered Assist is meant for people who need just a little bit more support in the upward movement. The electrical support, also known as Powered Assist can be activated by simply pressing a button. The arm will be lifted without using the muscles. When pressing the 2nd button the arm will be guided in the movement downwards. The Powered Assist will only be used when it's needed, when the Powered Assist is not beinig activated the arm will still be supported; the arm can move freely with less effort.

This innovation will have a big impact for people with a progressive disease, where gradually more support of the arm is needed. The Power Assist can be mounted as a module on a already being in use iFLOAT.

worlds most compact electrical arm support
extremely easy
unubstructed horizontal and vertical reach
highly functional
Attaches simply to most (electric) wheelchairs / triple chairs

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Product category: Cutlery, eating aids, Feeding devices, feeding tubes, feeding pumps, Manipulators

iEAT Feeding Support

The iEAT is one of the feeding devices in our assortment. The iEAT is available in various models, it supports the user at meals by coordinating the necessary movements. For people who suffer from spasms or tremors it works by nullifying uncontrolled movements using a damping mechanism. The device’s so-called feeding arm offers resistance which makes it possible for the user to perform controlled movements during eating.

For people with reduced muscle power and-or coordination problems, the iEAT works by offering almost no resistance which makes it possible for the user to perform controlled eating movements using little power.The iEAT offers full control to the user making them an equal, independent partner at the dinner table. The iEAT is modern, has a compact design and can be fitted easily to almost any table. In other words this means eating with ease and independently at family, friends or in a restaurant. This eating device comes standard with special plate and spoon.

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Product category: Cutlery, eating aids, Feeding devices, feeding tubes, feeding pumps, Manipulators

iEAT Feeding Robot

Assistive Innovations has developed an unique feeding robot. The iEAT feeding robot will change the world of feeding supports. This electrically controlled feeding robot is suitable for people with none or  limited arm, hand or finger function.

The iEAT feeding robot can be set into automatic or semi-automatic mode. Using the automatic mode no activity made by hand(s) or finger(s) is needed. When the iEAT feeding robot is set in the semi-automatic mode the user has a choice of several ways to control the feeding robot. Most commonly a switch will be used but the options are huge; think of a joystick,  a smartphone or an environment control.

The iEAT feeding robot doesn’t have complicated menu’s to adjust personal settings, it can be set extremely easy by the user or his/her environment at each moment of the day.

iEAT feeding robot:

Extremely easy to feed yourself
Highly functional
Very compact, easy to carry
Modern design

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Product category: Manipulators, Cutlery, eating aids, Drinking aids

iARM Robotic Arm

Work, school, housekeeping, hobbies, socializing, life consists of many daily activities which rely  mostly on the use of hands and arms. Robotic arms were designed for people with little or no muscle function in the arms or hands in order to give them back the ability to perform these tasks independently. The iARM has an extensive array of functions for users of all levels giving them back the ability to perform their chosen activities to the best of their ability. Our robotic arm can be used for example by sufferers of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA),
Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and for paraplegia and spasticity. As a result of intuitive operation the robotic arm is very user-friendly and stimulates independence and self-confidence. The iARM is mostly fitted to powered wheelchairs. Its slim design hardly widens the dimensions of the wheelchair. The iARM is also easy to detach.

Maximum lifting weight, 3.3 lb
Multiple operation functions and fitting options
Special drink and feed menu
Average human arm length
Strong structure, slim design

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About us

Company details

Assistive Innovation’s mission is to help people achieve true independence. We dedicate our time to people with limited arm, hand or finger function. We challenge our clients to discover and apply what our devices could make possible for them. All our products increase independence, freedom, self-respect and quality of life.

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  • Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • Aids for children
  • Mobility and walking aids
  • Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • Associations, organisations, nursing residents, services