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Batteries and battery chargers, rechargeable batteries

Our products

Product category: Batteries and battery chargers, rechargeable batteries

Cellpower batteries

Cellpower supplies a broad range of reliable AGM, GEL and Lithium batteries. Each product series has its own unique characteristics, so that there is a suitable battery for every application with its associated specific usage profile. Combined with the right Cellpower battery accessories, you’re able to assemble a high-quality and reliable battery system.

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Product category: Batteries and battery chargers, rechargeable batteries

Cellpower battery chargers

Having the right battery is often just the beginning. Optimal use of a battery requires having a good battery charger, so that the user can be sure that their battery is always optimally charged and has maximum lifespan. Cellpower offers various intelligent battery chargers, as well as battery testers, battery monitors and battery guards. All designed to easily monitor the battery quality and make sure the battery remains in the best condition possible.

The WDT (Wireless Diagnostic Tool) is a clever little device that can automatically read and analyze all the data of the connected battery charger. The device can easily be plugged into a battery charger, which makes it possible to view all the data of the battery charger on a WiFi connected device, like a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The WDT is designed with the service engineer in mind. After reading and analyzing the data from the battery charger and connected batteries, the WDT makes a suggestion on how to solve any problem if that were to arise, making troubleshooting easy and quick.

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Product category: Batteries and battery chargers, rechargeable batteries

Emrol Alphabat battery testers

The Alfabat battery tester is the perfect tool to ensure that your battery, therefore the service you can offer, meets the requirements of your customer. Alfabat is the most accurate battery tester on the market. It discharges the battery and records the voltage and current. During this discharge process all important parameters are monitored and recorded. With the Alfabat multiple charge and discharge cycles can easily be measured. The battery tester is microprocessor controlled and suitable for testing 6V and 12V batteries. You can also use the PRO version to test 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V chargers. The Alfabat battery testers are suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries such as AGM, GEL, etc.

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Company news




Aug 7, 2017

The new Cellpower CLN series

The Cellpower innovations never end! Following the launch of the vibration-resistant Cellpower CPR batteries at the end of 2016, Intercel is proud to present another new Cellpower battery series. This one features lithium technology: The Cellpower CLN. Twice as much power in the same housing compared to AGM, plus extreme cyclical performance. The Cellpower CLN battery reaches new heights when it comes to power.

The Cellpower CLN series will soon be available at Intercel. This new series, which uses lithium technology, offers the benefits of low weight and excellent cyclical performance, but in a housing that's up to two times smaller than a comparable AGM or Gel battery. The CLN series is not the first Cellpower series that makes use of lithium technology. Cellpower has already been supplying custom-made lithium battery packs for some time. The experiences gained with them are now being put to use in the new CLN series. The fact that the CLN is supplied in conventional container sizes places energy solutions featuring lithium technology within closer reach than ever! With the addition of this new series, Cellpower now has a virtually unparalleled range of products that make it possible to put together energy systems for more and more energy systems using Cellpower products.

As with the other Cellpower battery series, the development of the CLN batteries centred on a single aspect: reliable quality. A power supply is as strong as the weakest link in its chain. One component of lesser quality could bring down the entire system. But that weak link will never be a CLN battery. This battery is able to achieve as much as 400% more cycles than comparable AGM batteries, which makes it an unprecedentedly reliable power source for the long term. By combining outstanding performance with a competitive price, Cellpower CLN offers the best of both worlds.

Would you like more information about the new Cellpower CLN series? Or are you curious about the benefits of lithium batteries for your application? If so, please feel free to contact one of our specialists. They'll be pleased to tell you about the possibilities offered by Lithium technology.

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About us

Company details

About Cellpower:

The sealed maintenance free battery has grown in the last 30 years from an exclusive product into an obvious choice. With the batteries from Cellpower you are assured off an excellent price/quality ratio and a complete delivery program. Thereby the choice from the wide selection of manufacturers is actually quite simple. Since 2006 Intercel is distributor of Cellpower batteries. Over the years the assortment of Cellpower batteries has extended with edge products such as battery packs, inverters, battery guards, battery monitors, insulation guards etc. The Cellpower battery accessories are designed to supply a complete energy assortment. Cellpower provides in addition to the battery the costumers needs with related products.

For every specific application, a suitable Cellpower battery is developed. In their production, High quality materials and the latest technology are used without losing sight of the costs. Therefore Cellpower is able to deliver quality against sharp prices. For every application, there is a reliable battery available!

About Intercel:

In our almost 30 years of existence Intercel has occupied an important position in the market for batteries, chargers and DC power supplies. From our Haarlem base, some 40 experts work on keeping their knowledge, stock and contacts with clients up to date. They only have one objective - a satisfied client.

Supplying a good product is one thing, providing the best solution is something different altogether. Intercel employees are trained in listening and asking questions with the aim to translate your question into the best possible battery solution. Going one step further - that is the Intercel way.

Intercel strives for business operations with the least possible impact on the environment and the most sustainable product cycle. Intercel only works with manufacturers that have ISO 14001 certification for environmental management. Intercel also ensures that defective batteries are recycled professionally.

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