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Our products

Product category: Bicycles, handbikes, tricycles

New Trike from HASE BIKES for Everyday and Special Needs

Mobility Meets Flexibility: TRIGO UP!

Today, trikes are just as much in demand for recreational cycling as they are for special needs mobility and everyday use. HASE BIKES developed its new TRIGO UP as an all-rounder that erases the boundaries between these categories, eliminates age limits, and revolutionizes trike affordability.

It looks cool and comes complete with “Easy Rider” attitude: the new TRIGO from HASE BIKES. The company is known for its deltas, like the KETTWIESEL: these are trikes with one wheel in front, two in the back, and a comfortable seat in between. The delta design guarantees stable road-holding and intuitive handling. Although the TRIGO UP can also be used by people in physical therapy or with a disability, it doesn’t look anything like the vast majority of adaptive trikes. Instead, it’s a real head-turner: clear lines and a sleek, youthful design. One look and you’ll be asking for a test ride.

Fast and perfect adjustments
In fact, the trike is always ready for test riders, because all it takes is a proverbial twist of the wrist to make the necessary adjustments: just loosen two quick releases, slide the seat into the appropriate position, close the quick releases, and you’re ready to roll. This system makes it possible to instantly adjust the TRIGO UP to any rider between 4’7” and 6’7” in height (1.40 - 2.00 m) without tools and without having to shorten or lengthen the chain. Seat tilt and height? Both can be adjusted just as easily. The TRIGO UP’s comfortable seat can be raised to height settings of up to 27 inches (68.5 cm) – a higher seat is not only easier to get into and out of, but also offers a good overview of traffic. The handlebar height and angle can also be adjusted to the rider without having to get out your toolbox; ergonomics, more than anything, is about feeling good.

Riding fun for everyone
“In the development of the TRIGO, we also thought of riders with restricted mobility due to a disability or other health issues. Older people who want to stay active will also feel at-ease on it,” said Marec Hase, founder of HASE BIKES. With the downward-angled main tube and the comfortable seat height, mounting is as easy as sitting down on a chair. “Older riders will appreciate not only the comfort, but also the familiar, simple controls and intuitive handling,” explained the developer.

The TRIGO UP masters all of this. Unlike a classic recumbent, where the rider’s legs are primarily out in front, the TRIGO UP’s bottom bracket is much lower than the seat, which means the rider pedals primarily downwards, almost like a normal upright bike. And the comfortable handlebars are positioned directly in the rider’s field of vision. The TRIGO UP is not only loads of fun – and the more curves, the merrier – but also perfectly equipped for stress-free riding: powerful disc brakes with smooth modulation bring you safely to a stop at red lights, where you can relax and wait for green in your comfy seat, and perhaps even shift your eight-speed internal hub into a lower gear for starting off again …  

Retrofitting to a high-end e-trike
The TRIGO UP can be made even more comfortable with the Shimano Steps drive. Your bike shop can replace the bottom bracket with the mid-motor in less than half an hour. This retrofitting option is also a world first. The drive system is highly efficient, practically silent, and the most harmonious of its kind on the market today. Slight pressure on the pedals is all it takes for the TRIGO UP to glide down the road, or up any hill.

TRIGO – the version for seasoned trikers
The TRIGO is also available without the “UP”: many diehard triking fans love under-seat steering. The handlebar grips are positioned exactly where your hands fall in a relaxed sitting position. The width and angle of the handlebars are infinitely adjustable. With its under-seat steering and 24-speed derailleur system, the TRIGO is a well-equipped sports trike, but nevertheless superbly comfortable and easy to ride.

Shopping, commuting, touring – accessories make it possible
The TRIGO UP and TRIGO can be adapted to various uses with HASE BIKES’ generous range of accessories: from the fender kit or lighting and turn-signal systems powered by rechargeable batteries to the pannier or basket for shopping and the redesigned KLIMAX Foldable Fairing (TRIGO only) for riding in poor weather conditions ... everything is possible. 

Both existing and soon-to-be trike fans will be thrilled with the price: HASE BIKES is offering the TRIGO with under-seat steering for a mere €1,995 and the TRIGO UP for €2,195 – these prices are also unparalleled on the market for high-quality trikes!

-       Motor TRIGO retrofit kit - Shimano Steps
-       Differential for retrofitting
-       Fenders
-       Lighting system with rechargeable battery – B&M Lumotec IQ Eyro headlight, Toplight Flat S taillight
-       Basket Mount
-       Racktime “BASKit” Bike Basket large black, max. load 22 lb (10 kg)

Price:  €2,195 (without accessories)

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Product category: Bicycles, handbikes, tricycles

New Trike from Delta Specialist HASE BIKES

The TRIGO makes triking flexible and affordable

Agility, safety, outstanding adaptability: the leading specialized bike manufacturer is introducing a new trike that takes the advantages of the delta principle to the next level, featuring an impressive array of innovations – at a uniquely affordable price.

One more wheel in the right place makes everything different: safer, more comfortable, faster in the corners – more exhilarating to ride! With their center of gravity right in front of the two rear wheels, delta trikes are excellent all-rounders and extremely fun to ride. The company HASE BIKES has been building deltas in the Ruhr region of Germany for 20 years. Their new TRIGO has a lot to offer both newcomers and experienced trikers: the front boom bends low to make mounting and dismounting easier than with an upright, and the higher seat (up to 26 inches) guarantees a good view of traffic. In addition, the pedals are positioned below the level of the seat instead of far out in front like a traditional recumbent. This pedaling position will feel comfortably familiar to ex-upright-riders.

Adjustment: TRIGOnometry made easy!
The TRIGO is the most adaptable trike on the market. Take for example the leg-length adjustment: it only takes a few seconds to open the two quick-release levers and slide the seat along its guide rails to the appropriate position. Adjustment range: fits riders from 4’7” to 6’7” in height! Want a more reclined seatback? Or a higher seat? These settings can also be changed using the same simple steps – and with no need for tools! And unlike other trikes on the market, the TRIGO can be adjusted without having to shorten or lengthen the chain. This makes it an ideal trike for the whole family. But parents, be forewarned: you may have to reserve your weekend trike times well in advance!

The comfortable under-seat steering unit can also be quickly adjusted to ensure that the rider’s arms, wrists, and hands will remain in a natural, relaxed position – important for comfort and well-being. And the road performance? Impeccable!

The trike boasts a 24-speed derailleur. The disc brakes on the rear wheels deliver smooth modulation. And the TRIGO doesn’t need much garage space: when parked upright on its rear wheels and seatback, the trike has a surprisingly small footprint.

Electric assist from Shimano 
The option of retrofitting a powerful mid-motor is not only easy, but also a world first: your specialist dealer can replace the TRIGO bottom bracket with a Shimano Steps motor and battery system in less than 30 minutes. The Steps offers powerful electric assist up to the motor’s maximum speed of 15 mph, effectively ironing out the hills. “We’ve adapted the Steps for use with our trikes because it’s simply the best system on the market,” explained trike developer and company founder Marec Hase. “No other system offers such a harmonious connection between rider and machine!” With the Steps, the rider doesn’t notice the action of the motor – just an unbelievably smooth and dynamic performance …

Above-seat steering: sit down, feel good, take off
Along with its new TRIGO, HASE BIKES is also introducing an above-seat steering version, the TRIGO UP. It’s perfect for riders who prefer to have their handlebars out in front for more familiar steering dynamics. The combination of a slightly curved handlebar and comfortable reclining seat gives the rider not only an intuitive riding experience, but also a genuine “Easy Rider” feeling!

The intuitiveness of the TRIGO UP, with its above-seat steering, also makes it ideal for riders with disabilities and physical-therapy patients recovering from illness or injuries. And the best part: it looks much too cool to be an adaptive trike ... 

Shopping, touring, commuting – accessories make it possible
Both the TRIGO and TRIGO UP can be adapted for various uses with HASE BIKES’ wide range of accessories: from the fender kit or battery-powered lighting and turn-signal systems to the pannier or basket for shopping and the new foldable KLIMAX Fairing (TRIGO only) for riding in poor weather conditions ... everything is possible. 

Both existing and soon-to-be trike fans will be thrilled with the price: HASE BIKES is offering the TRIGO for a mere €1,995 and the TRIGO UP with 8-speed hub gears for €2,195 – this is also unique on the market for high-quality trikes! 

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The KLIMAX Foldable Fairing from HASE BIKES

Even easier to use and lower priced: The KLIMAX Foldable Fairing from HASE BIKES

HASE BIKES presents a new version of the Foldable Fairing for its delta trikes with integrated a Smartphone Mount: more user-friendly, easier to adjust, and nevertheless more affordable!
In spite of the numerous advantages to triking, a rider in a recumbent seat is more exposed to the elements. This is why, for many years now, HASE BIKES has been offering an ingenious foldable fairing for use with almost all of its trikes. For 2018 the specialized bike manufacturer will be introducing a redesigned version of the KLIMAX Fairing. “Our main goal was to make the fairing even more robust and easier to use,” said developer Marec Hase, who, together with his team, completely reworked numerous details of the foldable trike hood.

Just as easy as putting the top up on a convertible
One step is all it takes to snap the folded KLIMAX fairing into the new, bow-shaped mount over the front wheel. When the base is inserted, two hooks lock securely into the mount to prevent the fairing from swiveling and make the attachment even more secure. Once the fairing base is mounted, the sides are spread open, and the fairing is then unfolded like an umbrella. The outer rods of the fairing click into two guide rollers beside the seatback. A small catch hook closes automatically, locking the fairing into a closed position. “We wanted to make the process of getting into and out of the seat under the fairing as intuitive as with a car,” explained Marec Hase, who is known for his high standards of design.

And the same applies to the adjustment: the guide rollers for the fairing rods can be pushed up and down to adjust the KLIMAX Fairing precisely to the height of the rider.

And crosswinds are no problem at all: two transverse struts under the fairing keep it in shape, even in heavy rains. The material itself – PU-coated Ripstop nylon – is a high-tech, light, and waterproof fabric that resists tearing. With any type of rain gear, the seams are always the problem areas. This is why the new KLIMAX has even fewer of them, making it more wear resistant for long-term impermeability. And the optimized shape of the fairing does an even better job of protecting the rider from road spray. But a word of warning: the sleek design may attract even more envious stares than in the past … 

Smartphone on board
What do trikers need in any weather? Their smartphone: be it as a cycling computer or for communication and navigation. This is why HASE BIKES is now offering a Smartphone Mount as an accessory for the fairing. In the rider’s field of vision, right under the upper edge of the KLIMAX Fairing, the smartphone looks like a minimalistic dashboard: and is also protected from the rain. Once the mount has been attached, the phone can be inserted with a single step. Regardless of the smartphone model: the mount adjusts to the size, absorbs vibrations, and holds the phone securely. The angle is also adjustable so that the display can be positioned to suit the height and posture of the rider.

The price of staying dry is lower than ever – HASE BIKES is offering its new KLIMAX Fairing for a lower price than the previous version: a mere € 495. It can be used with any trike from HASE BIKES except the TRETS and TRIGO UP.

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Marec Hase, engineer, owner and managing director of HASE BIKES, has been developing extraordinary bikes and trikes for more than twenty years. His delta trikes and tandems are popular for recreational sports, bike tours, family routines, and adaptive cycling. Their innovative construction, high-quality engineering, and multi-award-winning designs make them attractive for all riders, regardless of age or physical impairment. Thanks to the wide spectrum of accessories for various uses, HASE BIKES can be individually adapted to the (special) needs of any rider, so that words like “abled” and “disabled” lose their meaning.

The HASE BIKES manufactory, which employs a growing, international team of more than 50 people, is situated in the middle of Germany’s Ruhr region, in a historical building of the former Zeche Waltrop coal mine. If you’d like to learn more about what makes the bikes, trikes, and people from HASE BIKES so special, then visit us at www.hasebikes.com.

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