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Product category: Vocational rehabilitation

Vocational success with psychological stability

SALO+PARTNER has been successfully integrating individuals with psychological disabilities into the general labour market throughout Germany since 1995. We have been a recognised comparable rehabilitation facility in accordance with SGB IX § 35 since 2011. Our NeueWege@SALO (NewPaths@SALO) programme ensures that we as a rehabilitation facility have become closely integrated into psychosocial networks and become a recognised part of the supply chain.

Psychological disabilities affect the experience and behaviour of individuals, their progress is often unpredictable and the symptoms are different for every individual. Psychological disabilities are manifested in feelings, actions and experiences and are often difficult to understand for outsiders. After overcoming the acute phase of the illness, many individuals undergoing rehabilitation suffer from cognitive disabilities, e.g. in the form of concentration difficulties. Some have to struggle with a lack of motivation, others have difficulty dealing with conflicts and social situations and a few have confidence issues due to a fear of overextension, especially in a profession.

Many of those affected have experienced conflicts at the workplace or the break-down of their employment relationship during the course of their illness. Re-entry into their previous position is often no longer possible as this sets excessive demands on the individual's ability to cope with stress. Job insecurity is a huge burden on the individual undergoing rehabilitation; they desire a job that they can still perform and which corresponds to their skills while simultaneously fearing that they can no longer come to terms with the conditions in the working world and the requirements of a new activity. In the first phase of our NeueWege@SALO programme we gradually and cautiously prepare individuals with psychological disorders for re-entry into working life.

Every individual undergoing rehabilitation is issued a rehabilitation coach as a contact who provides support and guidance on both vocational as well as health and personal issues. This always takes place with aim of “Helping people to help themselves”. Professional skills are gained or refreshed in small learning groups and confidence in the individual’s own learning and working ability is re-established. Additional measures, such as social competence training or the communication of stress management strategies prepare the individuals undergoing rehabilitation for re-entry into working life. The key controlling tool in this respect is the continuous management of the integration and development plan.

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Product category: Vocational rehabilitation

for individuals with brain damage or neurological disabilities

We have been implementing an integration concept specially developed for individuals with brain damage or neurological disabilities since 2003: ABN@SALO, outpatient occupational neurorehabilitation.

Neurologically impaired individuals undergoing rehabilitation frequently have illness-related difficulties in adjusting to new situations. Reduced cognitive skills often impair their problem-solving abilities. In many cases, starting a new activity in a foreign environment represents a challenge that cannot be overcome independently. In the case of existing employment relationships, the workplace and the working conditions often no longer correspond to the performance levels of the individual undergoing rehabilitation. After a comprehensive diagnosis and stocktake of the situation, SALO+PARTNER prepares a specific rehabilitation schedule for every individual undergoing rehabilitation, which takes account of the individual’s specific requirements. We train their occupational, social and cognitive skills.

The focus is on the development and training of compensation strategies for existing performance impairments and in strengthening everyday and personal competencies. We provide training for social and communication skills and provide assistance in coping with the illness. We also impart job-related knowledge. Early job trials and professional training in businesses are an important part of the programme. We gradually and cautiously increase the requirements in order to sustainably develop and stabilise the individual’s performance capacity. Our employees support the individual undergoing rehabilitation in the company and advise colleagues and employers in order to ensure a successful integration.

If qualification or re-training is required, we also support the individual undergoing rehabilitation in this phase and provide targeted development measures. We work closely together with instructors and vocational school teachers in this respect. The person undergoing rehabilitation is supported by a single reference person, the rehabilitation coach, during the entire programme. We include relatives, physicians, therapists, employers and colleagues in the rehabilitation process wherever possible.

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Product category: Vocational rehabilitation

Finding our way with individual structures

Our AuReA@SALO (Autism – Rehabilitation – Work) rehabilitation programme aims to create individual integration processes based on an autism-specific development program in order to smooth the path into the primary labour market. Our concept includes initial vocational integration and rehabilitation with the aim of integrating our individuals undergoing rehabilitation into the primary labour market.

The programme has been specifically developed for individuals with autism and includes the transferral of basic occupational skills with the corresponding personal orientation and development of the individual and focuses on providing a placement in an occupational training programme or a workplace at the individual's place of residence. Close cooperation with our customers’ social environment (family, support facilities, etc.) is essential to ensure that all those involved back and support realistic prospects for the future.

Everyday life in the SALO+PARTNER AuReA competence centres in Neumünster, Berlin, Ludwigshafen, Neubrandenburg, Cologne and Magdeburg is characterised by a combination of occupational  learning levels in the training area with practical independence training in the home. We also pursue this approach for outpatient participants. This ensures the optimal development of the greatest possible independence in everyday professional life and is expertly supported by our committed team of experts in the competence centres. An inpatient part at the start of the rehabilitation process can be essential to establish the necessary stability for outpatient occupational rehabilitation, especially for younger individuals undergoing rehabilitation. Across the country, the further progress of the vocational integration process in everyday working life in the individual's hometown is ensured via the SALO+PARTNER subsidiaries.

The necessary support, follow-up assistance and after-care as well as the establishment of networked support systems in the hometown are individually implemented. An appropriately trained staff is available; members of which receive technical support from the experts in the competence centre.

Our programme progresses in modules based on the different prior knowledge and the personal requirements of our clientele. It represents an individualised aid for vocational integration by employment agencies or other rehabilitation providers and provides ongoing integration. Our experience shows that individuals with autism spectrum disorders have a very good chance of integrating into the primary labour market.

We work closely together with Autismus e.V. Germany, with the local autism treatment centres (ATZ), research institutions from various universities specialising in autism and therapists and social workers in the various institutions for people with an autistic spectrum disorder.

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was founded in 1991. The owner-managed Group currently includes ten operating companies under the umbrella of SALO Holding AG (management and administrative functions). The SALO + PARTNER Group headquarters are located in Hamburg. We have over 60 branches throughout the country.

We are an independent, private, medium-sized group that is backed and managed by no one but ourselves and our employees. Because we know: we can only reach our goals on our own initiative and by our own means. And we will only achieve them if we are good and become better. For us, customer focus and flexibility are not just nice concepts, they are the foundations of our work. The best possible conditions for a solid partnership, perhaps indeed for one with you!

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