Weplay Lernspiel GmbH of Coburg at REHACARE 2017 in Düsseldorf -- REHACARE Trade Fair

Weplay Lernspiel GmbH

Nicolaus-Zech-Str. 81, 96450 Coburg
Telephone +49 9561 5963514
Fax +49 9561 5963513

Hall map

REHACARE 2017 hall map (Hall 6): stand D57

Fairground map

REHACARE 2017 fairground map: Hall 6

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Aids for children
  • 04.11  Toys for kids
  • 04  Aids for children
  • 04.16  Pedal cars for kids

Pedal cars for kids

  • 10  Travel, leisure, sports and recreation
  • 10.06  Climbing devices and gymnastic equipments

Climbing devices and gymnastic equipments

  • 10  Travel, leisure, sports and recreation
  • 10.11  Toy devices, gymnastic equipments

Toy devices, gymnastic equipments

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.01  Ergonomic equipment

Ergonomic equipment

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.03  Excercise therapy

Excercise therapy

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.07  Gymnastics equipment and accessories

Gymnastics equipment and accessories

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.21  Therapeutic toys

Therapeutic toys

Our products

Product category: Ergonomic equipment


Exterior designed with different patterns offers levels of tactile sensory intensity.
The inflatable Balance Stepping Clouds with hard and soft sides provides dynamic balance.
Product designed with connected air chambers to move the air through the product to continually challenge the user.

Play Value:
Offer the most suitable tactile sensory intensity
Improve dynamic balance
Enhance physical coordination
Develop action planning and spatial awareness concepts through creating their own route arrangements
Improve self-confidence and agility
Age: 3+
Dimensions: 23.7 x 31.5 x 4.5 cm
Components: 2 x Blue and 2 x Green, Total 4 pcs.
Maximum load: 80 kg

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Product category: Toys for kids

Weplay Coral Adventure

• Weplay Coral Adventure combines gross motor activities (walking on a balance beam) and fine motor activities (pulling or inserting Coral Column into the Weplay Coral Adventure Path) for multiple activities
• The Weplay Coral Adventure Path with bubbles, holes, and rippled designed are double-sided offering different stimulations
• Attachable Coral Columns can be used as a connector for creating different walking routes with various heights
• Coral Columns can be placed in any of the holes on the Paths as barriers for more balancing challenges
• Coral Columns are strong enough for children to balance on a single foot like one studying martial arts
• Superior design allows multiple routes – straight line, curve line, cross line
• Adorable fish, shell, bubble, and wave patterns create a perfect ocean scenario for dramatic play
• The Coral Columns, with a bow shape, can be taken out easily
• Two colors of columns allow teacher to create various rules, such as step on the green column alone
• The Coral Columns with raised patterns can also be used as a tool for making shapes or as stamp for clay activities

Play Value:
• Walking on the Path allows children to practice gross motor skills like balance and coordination
• The bubble/wave surface design and the attachable Coral Column design offer tactile stimulations to the sole of the food
• Different heights and various path combinations promote motor planning abilities and enhance problem solving skills
• Pulling/inserting Coral Column from/in the Tactile Path allows children to enhance hand-eye coordination
• Removing Coral Column from the Path builds finger and grip strength
• Placing Coral Column on the path as walking obstacles offers children step-over practice for better adaptive skill training
• Weplay Coral Adventure allows children to explore

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Product category: Toy devices, gymnastic equipments


• The set contains 25 balls of different shapes and sizes.
• Promote overall physical response coordination.
• Enhance balance.
KT3308 7cm Massage Ball x 5 pcs
KT3308 8 cm Massage Ball x 5 pcs
KT3306 9 cm Massage Ball x 5 pcs
KB1303 85 cm Gym Ball x 1 pc
KB1307 Gym Roll x 1 pc
KB1302 40 cm Jumping Ball x 2 pcs
KB1301 55 cm Jumping Ball x 2 pcs
KB2301 To& Fro Ball x 4 pcs
User´s Guide Book x 1 copy

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About us

Company details

Systematic Products for Holistic Development
We here at Weplay develop our systematic products according to children´s holistic needs, ranging over visual-auditory-tactile perception, motor skills, balance coordination, fine motor skills, and creative play. Made in Taiwan based on Universal Design, Weplay products help children grow up happily and healthily.

Bringing Nature Indoors
Our design concept is to bring cultural and natural elements into Weplay products, and therefore children can enjoy outdoor ambiance indoor. A limited place becomes unlimited space when children are having fun with Weplay range.

Environment, Children´s Second Teacher
Either for institutional or household uses, Weplay enriches children´s situational activities and creative thinking. With excellent quality, multi-functions and high play value, Weplay belongs to worldwide children. Let´s experience Weplay uniqueness altogether!

Weplay Design by Wendy Wu

Caring for the children we serve:
Love as the starting point of design
Focus on children´s developmental needs
Belief that children are our future
Mission to help children grow up healthy and happy
Integration product design to reflect:
Everyday life and natural elements
Eastern wisdom and current international design concepts
Collaboration from elite team of scholars, educators, medical professional and designers
The most natural platform for learning
Utilization for both institutional and household needs
Multi-functional & high play value
Meeting high consumer expectations by:
Reviewing the past and observing the present to create unforgettable childhood and growing experiences.
Combining theories, experiences and user testimonies to impact early childhood education.
Promoting teaching methods that relate worldwide and span all cultures

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