Kempf Martine Kempf of Kehl at REHACARE 2017 in Düsseldorf -- REHACARE Trade Fair

Kempf Martine Kempf

Schmalzgrube 12, 77694 Kehl
Telephone +49 7851 4842-08
Fax +33 3 88042675

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REHACARE 2017 hall map (Hall 6): stand B78

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REHACARE 2017 fairground map: Hall 6

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.01  Cars and special cars

Cars and special cars

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.07  Hand throttle systems

Hand throttle systems

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.11  Car adaption devices
  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.14  Steering aids and driving aids

Our products

Product category: Car adaption devices, Steering aids and driving aids

DARIOS - the digital accelerator ring and the main hand brake

Our solution for hand controls for paraplegic drivers, is DARIOS - the Digital Accelerator Ring and the Main Hand Brake, which can be installed on most cars with automatic transmissions.

Smoothly push the ring towards the steering wheel to accelerate.

Move the main hand brake downward to brake. It may be installed left or right from the steering column.

In some situations one hand is enough to steer and accelerate, keeping the other hand free to control the radio or the ventilator, while never beeing far from the hand brake.

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Product category: Car adaption devices, Steering aids and driving aids

PICADO - the stabilized steering knob with secondary functions

Our solution for driving with only one hand on the steering wheel, is Picado - the stabilized steering knob with the controls of secondary functions.

Using only one hand, the driver steers his or her car holding the steering knob and activates the electric functions using the buttons placed in reaching distance of his thumb.

The system enables the driver to control the turn signals, the warning lights, the headlights, the washer, the wipers and as an option the left power window.

Through the use of direct wiring no battery is needed on the steering wheel.

The system can be installed on all cars with automatic transmission including cars with multiplex electronics.

The system is compatible with the airbag and can be installed in most vehicles.
The original secondary functions remain functional.

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Product category: Hand throttle systems

Main Hand Brake

The main left or right hand brake consists of a lever coming out of the dashboard that pivots around one horizontal and invisible axis.
The brake lever’s handle moves downward.
No need to bend forward to brake, so you keep your eyes level at all time.
The force required to brake by hand is approximately one half of the one required by foot.

The mechanical connection with the brake pedal is hidden behind the bottom cover of the dashboard.
Therefore, the knee space remains free of any metal parts.

The knee airbag remains functional as well.

The main hand brake for each new car model requires research and development to maintain the original safety level designed by the car manufacturers.

In case of a failure in the original braking system the full braking range is obtainable with the main hand brake lever.

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About us

Company details

Kempf adapts handicap vehicles with digital car hand controls, electronic left foot gas pedals and other handicap driving aids using leading edge technology. The handicap driving solutions from Kempf respect and maintain all safety features of the adapted vehicles. With Darios - the digital accelerator ring and main hand brake paraplegic drivers can keep both hands on the steering wheel.

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