Hurt s.r.o. of Tynec nad Labem at REHACARE 2017 in Düsseldorf -- REHACARE Trade Fair

Hurt s.r.o.

Bambousek 664, 281 26 Tynec nad Labem

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REHACARE 2017 hall map (Hall 6): stand C83

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REHACARE 2017 fairground map: Hall 6

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.05  Car transfer aids

Car transfer aids

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.07  Hand throttle systems
  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.08  Car hoists / car lifters for people with and without wheelchairs

Car hoists / car lifters for people with and without wheelchairs

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.11  Car adaption devices
  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.14  Steering aids and driving aids

Our products

Product category: Hand throttle systems, Car adaption devices, Steering aids and driving aids

MERO 3 - mechanical brake and accelerator

MERO 3 system is a brake and accelerator hand control suitable mainly for cars equipped with automatic gearbox. For vehicles with manual gearbox will add an electronic clutch. MERO 3 is a completely reliable certified device by TÜV and approved by Ministry of Transport. You can be sure that the system installed in your car is a really reliable hand control. Implementation of MERO 3 lever installed in various vehicles you can see in the gallery.

Principle of the device
The function of brake and accelerator pedal is converted by this device into a lever located next to the center console of the car on driver's side. We recommend MERO 3 when driver needs to maintain the possibility of adjusting the steering wheel or needs extra space under the steering wheel. MERO 3 lever has very small size, especially its thickness is unrivalled small compared to devices from other manufacturers. The lever therefore takes up very little space. The device is also suitable for users with partial upper extremities disabilities. It is because you do not lift arm when controlling the lever as much as in standard lever systems located under the steering wheel.

Simplicity of using MERO 3 will surprise you. You can choose from several types of handles and throttle controls - mechanical, electronic, or turning of the throttle handle. Write us to get a free quote now!

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Product category: Hand throttle systems, Car adaption devices, Steering aids and driving aids

Electronic clutch - NEW!

Our unique electronic clutch adapter replaces controlling the clutch pedal by foot. The clutch pedal is actuated by an electric motor controlled by the electronics which based on various data such as accelerator pedal position, vehicle speed and engine speed, evaluates correct starting. The equipment is tested and approved by an authorized laboratory of the Ministry of Transportation. We will of course teach you how to drive with our clutch.

Our company has developed new technical solutions for clutch and throttle. This electronics can be used either for separate electronic clutch, separate electronic throttle, or electronic clutch and throttle at the same time. Unique electronics can control accelerator in newer vehicles with electronic accelerator or in older vehicles with mechanically controlled throttle.

Our unique technical solutions
  • Possible connection via car electronic interface (diagnostic socket). Connection is then simpler, more accurate and delivers faster values.
  • Stepper motor provides very fast and precise going of pedal down to the floor and thus very quick shifting.
  • Variable speed of going clutch pedal up while driving according to the driver's behavior.
  • Intelligent going clutch down when slowing down or stopping the vehicle according to revs or speed of the car.
  • For easier handling we installed an ability to easy switch off the clutch (going the clutch pedal up), such as prolonged standing in queues.
  • The drive from the motor to the pedal is led by a toothed belt or rod.
  • When developing the clutch we also focused on innovative attachment to the pedal. Stirrup does not interfere with standard clutch control with left leg.

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Product category: Hand throttle systems, Car adaption devices, Steering aids and driving aids

Electronic accelerators - rings

Electronic section

  • Electronic section of rings uses new technical solutions.
  • Common electronics HURT EU for accelerator and brake. You can use the electronics for separate electronic clutch, separate electronic accelerator, electronic clutch and accelerator at the same time.
  • If only electronic accelerator is required we can supply smaller electronics without components required to clutch.
  • Electronics is able to control accelerator both in newer vehicles with electronic accelerator in the car and in older vehicles with mechanical throttle.
  • Several options how to switch off the accelerator - with switch (only one driver works, or both simultaneously), without switch - selected after the engine is started – accelerator control is selected after the engine starts. This one works, the other one is switched off.
  • Choice of double accelerator control - using both ring and lever MERO 2 or MERO 3.
  • The device is tested by authorized TÜV laboratory.

Mechanical section

  • All parts are manufactured by our company and they are always in stock.
  • We have a universal ring attachment. Ring mechanism can be mounted directly on the steering wheel rim.
  • We are able to manufacture the mechanism for you individually - e.g. a lever for the finger, motorcycle handle etc.
  • The ring can be made of plastic or covered by leather.

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About us

Company details

What we deal with

Dear Customers,
Let me introduce the production programme of Hurt Company. It specializes entirely on car adjustments for handicapped people, whether they use the car as drivers or passengers. The basic part of our programme is situated in this folder. I’m on a chair myself for a long time. For all this time (more than 50 years) I’ve been engaged in progress and production of my own car adjustment systems. These systems match all safety requirements, reliability, comfortable operating and adjusting to various types of cars and various disablements. We are particular in our products were not even functional, but also aesthetic and they do not affect car interior. Our hand control systems were used not only among normal drivers, but also even among car racers, who are driving cars equipped with hand control. Their results are also our credit. We are cooperating with many of technical places of work, which are providing metal cutting, plastics, plastic casts and electrodepositing for us. Next with firms, which are engaged in electronic parts progress. People, who are interested in our products, especially in hand controls, are able to try the function in drivesimulators and they can decide which type of hand control will suit to them the best. All car adjustments are made in our workroom in Týnec nad Labem in the Czech Republic. After customer’s agreement we are able to adjust the car in a short time. Some types of cars are made while one waits. Most of our adjustments are certified for mass production by The Czech Transport Department. We are also permitted to write in the car registration book in certified types of cars on the spot. We adjust some types of cars by a car seller, or by a customer, if there are good conditions.

Latest history

In 2013, HURT company was awarded the Golden Rehaprotex at the Brno Trade Fair for wheelchair loader into sliding door.

In 2016, our company received certificate of quality management system ISO 9001: 2016 according to the latest standards of this standard. We underwent a successful audit by the renowned TÜV SÜD Czech s. R. O.

In 2016, the company was accepted into the community of the largest European car adaptation companies EMG (European Mobility Group,

In 2017, the company was transformed into a limited liability company HURT s. r. o.

We believe that our business will be maximally beneficial to all disabled people.

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