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Overtonetube Bernd Hartmann

Tannenstr. 2, 73099 Adelberg
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REHACARE 2017 hall map (Hall 6): stand F06

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REHACARE 2017 fairground map: Hall 6

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Therapy systems for kids

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Cures and spa treatments

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Musical instruments

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Wellness and spa

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Ergonomic equipment

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Treatment couches, massage tables and accessories

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Excercise therapy

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.05  Accessories for occupational therapy

Accessories for occupational therapy

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.08  Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.13  Massage equipment

Massage equipment

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.17  Pain therapy, biofreeze

Pain therapy, biofreeze

  • 12  Associations, organisations, nursing residents, services
  • 12.09  Rehabilitation and cure facilities

Rehabilitation and cure facilities

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Product category: Ergonomic equipment


Specific spectrum

Lying right in the resonant space allows an extraordinary hearing, which perceives a variety resonating overtones above the fundamental.
This harmonic vibrational field relaxes the whole body on the psychosomatschen level low over the cell to the brain.
In the protected space of a sound Obertonsymphonie balance and balance is comforting experience, resulting in a relief of the vital functions.
Our body sensation is intensified, strengthened the confidence of potential and facilitates internal release.
A calming of cognitive control opens the associative perception of our unconscious.
This access to untapped resources allows strengthening the vitality and self-confidence.
Researches of vibrational medicine confirm a health prevention by revitalization and regeneration.

Harmonical vibrational field
The Harmonic vibrational field could support another evolutionarily important quantum leap of human consciousness with.
The importance of music in our history of civilization and culture of human evolution with a beginning communication visible and invisible dimensions in The historical witnesses of human development date back to cave paintings before about 35,000 years ago. Pictures on the natural cycle of the changing tides of spring, summer, autumn and winter. A clan consciousness that can arise as a precursor for letter and record of the imagery ritual symbols. To date, this is searched Missing Link, which could have triggered this quantum leap from nonverbal gesture communication to a civilized complex and sophisticated language.
In any case, there were sensitive people - called shamans - with, for example, an animal mask over his head, which mediated the first leaders in function of priests, musicians, healers, Prophet and naturopath between the worlds of earth and sky spirits. And one of the most important links for the survival necessary cohesion of the clan was the common ritual of singing together, playing music and dancing before an important hunting in a serious illness or any other company.
The first musical instruments such as bone flute, hand drum and rattle gave the perceiver the harmonic vibration laws of Naturtonstimmung and served as gateways to other invisible dimensions. They experienced in this harmonic overtone the coherent waves and harmonics above the deep root as a common denominator, and based unit and belonging in connection with the great creative matrix woven as a communicative vibration field around the earth in connection with the large universe.
Our ear developed one of the first channels of perception in the womb, listening not only the frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, but is also geared to the sine wave braid of harmonic geometry and their feedback information on room size, distance and atmosphere. Oscillates a deep root in 100 Hz, which means 100 vibration and sine waves with 100 mountains and valleys in the second, the result is the same always in addition to the fundamental vibration every 100 Hz, a new partial or overtone.
That would be so up to the limit of human hearing about 20000 Hz least 200 more overtones that would arise on the basis of a single fundamental frequency. But this mathematical linearity is complemented by an exponential page:
The interval distances of these overtones are getting smaller in a well of the golden ratio spiral corresponding manner. Although the frequency separation between the overtones is always 100 Hz, it starts with the first major interval distance of the octave, then fifth, fourth, gr. Third, small. Third, gr. Second, small. Second, etc. ... The temperament that characterizes our musical listening habits since the 16th century, the attempt to divide an octave above the circle of fifths in 12 equal half steps, which is not to be regarded as right or wrong, but by the harmony of the Naturtonstimmung deviates represented by the mathematical octave ratio of 1: 2 divides the same distance depending on the octave level in 8, 16, 32 and 64 ... same Obertonschritte.
This inherent harmony within just a sound fascinated the Greek scholar Pythagoras, who thus discovered the scientifically accepted theory of vibrations and derived from the mathematical knowledge algebra and geometry, the foundations of our science already about 2500 years ago. Finally, the musicological perspective can be summarized:
Today's temperament was probably out of the desire of the musicians for flexibility in order to transpose eg compositions and the respective different room acoustics influenced by size, heat and humidity, as is often the very 16th century was to be found in the different concert halls, adapt.
In addition, it opens the composer a greater variety of design options with unrelated harmonies. However, this can only be realized through a compromise tuning with calculator and 6 to 8 digits after comma, with such important intervals as the major third and the septa not represent diatonic pure.
however, on the specific Naturtonintervalle with integer ratio fractures such as 2: 3, 4: 5, 5: 9 to the reference point root communicates as a common denominator more than Ohrenschmaus, then of course the communication between different vibration levels and dimensions to in the morphogenetic field and orientation other networks for our consciousness, our self-healing and new therapeutic approaches by frequency information compliance with these harmonic polyphony crucial.
Such as the whales were able to develop a marvel of navigation through sounder evolution at the level of vibrations is known. But it is believed that this particular miracle disturbing foreign frequencies are responsible for a deadly stranding of whales. Just could wrong in our physique and cellular level have their origin in such non-voice to our body vibration information.
What we know as scale selects a 7 point scale for the connection of two musical planes or octaves from 12 possible semitones. The reservoir offered by nature does not know this arbitrary 12er division, it offers 16 half-, quarter- 32 or 64 eighth tones to 7 or even 8-point scale as it is also known in classical Indian music. In this tradition, the salutary effect of music is valued as a support for meditation and contemplation and applied - always in reference to a deep base or drone in a musical modal frame.
Also the here cultivated in the West either-or dualism, which has a true-false dogmatism with appropriate meritocracy and hostile competition result is more understood in the East as a supplement, represented symbol as in the Yin-Yang, and a liberating both-as -Also paradigm synergistically enhanced.
And therein lies the great evolutionary chance of new quality of consciousness that frees itself from the confinement of only two possibilities and finally breaks through to a pragmatic thesis, antithesis and synthesis application via the quantum leap from previous dimensions to new and other dimensions that are naturally complementary, expanding and new laws of a harmonic, structured, bring grading as chaotic universal organic vibrational field with them are.

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