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Allied Vehicles Ltd.

230 Balmore Road, G22 6LJ Glasgow
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 141 3361137

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.02  Wheelchairs and vehicles
  • 07.02.16  Wheelchairs and cars for people with cerebral palsy

Wheelchairs and cars for people with cerebral palsy

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.01  Cars and special cars
  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
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  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.09  Car steps and ramps

Car steps and ramps

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.10  Car safety belts and wheelchair restraint system

Car safety belts and wheelchair restraint system

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.03  Cars and car adaptations
  • 07.03.12  Car advice

Car advice

Our products

Product category: Wheelchairs and cars for people with cerebral palsy, Cars and special cars, Transport for disabled people

Partner & Berlingo Horizon™

Partner / Berlingo Horizon™ Conversion – Wheelchair Accessible Passenger Vehicle
Available exclusively from Allied Vehicles, our Peugeot Partner and Citroën Berlingo Horizon™ conversion provides the ideal accessible transport solution for private individuals and business users alike.

Ideal for both able-bodied and wheelchair passengers, the Horizon™ combines fantastic space with superb accessibility features. Plus, with an economical 100 PS HDi diesel engine under the bonnet, this vehicle boasts superb fuel efficiency too.

EasyGlide™ Wheelchair Access Ramp
Our lightweight EasyGlide™ wheelchair ramp has been cleverly designed with a low ramp gradient to make wheelchair entry and exit easy and hassle free. The innovative EasyGlide™ wheelchair ramp can also fold flat to the vehicle floor when the wheelchair passenger space is not in use, creating valuable added storage for shopping trips, luggage and other bulky items. Its short length also helps make parking in busy streets simple.

Standard Car to Mobility Vehicle
Based on the stylish Peugeot Partner Tepee or Citroën Berlingo, you’re assured of a car like feel, making driving easy. Our clever conversion also retains full original seating, both front and rear. Together with the innovative EasyGlide™ ramp, this means you can have a standard car one minute and a wheelchair accessible mobility vehicle the next.

Our Horizon™ conversion is highly popular with private individuals and families, care providers and taxi service operators.

Accessibility – Key Features
  • Unique lightweight EasyGlide™ ramp with low ramp gradient
  • Lowered floor for optimum accessibility
  • High quality wheelchair restraint system
  • Lap and diagonal seat belt for wheelchair passenger
  • Remote controlled electric winch system (option)

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Product category: Wheelchairs and cars for people with cerebral palsy, Cars and special cars, Transport for disabled people

Partner & Berlingo Impulse™

Partner / Berlingo Impulse™ Conversion – Drive-From Wheelchair & Up-Front Passenger
This innovative conversion offers unique independence and comfort for wheelchair users. Based on the popular Peugeot Partner Tepee or Citroën Berlingo, this new model mobility car offers the ability to drive from your wheelchair / powerchair or travel as an up-front wheelchair passenger. It can even accommodate two wheelchair users, travelling together.

Independent Access
Independent access starts from your key fob – just press to activate the automatic ramp and tailgate. Once inside, the fully lowered floor makes it easy to manoeuvre your wheelchair through to the front of the mobility car.

Drive from Your Wheelchair
Once up-front, an automatic docking station in the driver’s position will safely secure the wheelchair or powerchair in position, ready to drive from the comfort of your own chair. Driving the car is aided by automatic transmission and an electrically-operated handbrake. A selection of other driving aids is available to assist with braking and steering.

Your Peugeot / Citroën mobility car also offers added comfort and convenience, thanks to its class-leading headroom, eyeline and depth under steering wheel.

Up-Front Passenger
Superb headroom and eyeline also make this the ideal mobility car conversion for people seeking to travel in their own wheelchair, seated at the front of the vehicle, rather than in the rear. This can offer huge advantages for social interaction and/or personal care.

Internal Transfer
Some people prefer – if they are able – to transfer from their wheelchair to a fixed driver’s seat. However doing this from outside the vehicle can be physically demanding and not much fun when it’s wet or cold. The Impulse™ conversion allows you to transfer from your wheelchair or powerchair in safety and comfort, from inside your mobility car.

Twin Wheelchairs
Two wheelchair users can travel together, side-by-side in the front of the car. Alternatively you can choose to position one wheelchair in the front and one in the rear.

Accessibility – Key Features
  • Fully lowered floor
  • Class-leading headroom
  • Generous room between floor and steering wheel
  • Advantageous eyeline, for a better view out of the vehicle
  • Automatic tailgate
  • Automatic ramp
  • Lowering suspension
  • Remote control key fob
  • Automatic docking station(s)
  • Automatic transmission
  • Electrically operated handbrake
  • Optional additional driving aids

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Product category: Wheelchairs and cars for people with cerebral palsy, Cars and special cars, Transport for disabled people


Allied Vehicles offers a wide range of wheelchair accessible minibuses, with a choice of base vehicles and conversions. All minibuses are available with bespoke adaptations including layout, seating type and various accessibility features. Available with up to 17 seats and/or four wheelchair spaces, accessible minibuses are ideal for a number of different users.

Our wheelchair accessible minibuses offer a choice of features that can be tailored to meet your needs. Our folding rear access ramps and electrically-operated tail lifts are quick and easy to use and require minimal maintenance. Wheelchair tie downs, restraints and three-point seatbelts ensure the safety of the wheelchair user and other passengers. Our minibuses also offer high visibility step edging, grab rails and grab handles.

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About us

Company details

Accessible Transport for People with Reduced Mobility
Allied Vehicles is a European leader in conversion and adaptation of cars and minibuses for people with reduced mobility. Every day, thousands of families and organisations use our wheelchair accessible vehicles to bring new independence to disabled people, giving them the freedom to travel where they want, when they want.

Safety and Convenience
Allied’s mobility vehicles are designed to offer high quality accessibility, at affordable prices.

We aim to make travel as quick and easy as possible and our market-leading mobility vehicles are based on practical experience from thousands of disabled people. All our vehicles include easy to use access ramps, wheelchair restraints and seat belts for all passengers. Further options include electric powered entry assist winch and automatic ramp and tailgate.

Our in-house engineering team works constantly to research and develop new and innovative solutions to further improve access for disabled people. Our mobility cars are carefully designed and tested to meet stringent safety requirements. Our best-selling wheelchair passenger vehicles hold the highest level of safety certification, EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval.

Mobility Vehicles for Individuals, Communities and Transport Operators
Customers using Allied Vehicle’s mobility solutions include private individuals and families, local authorities, healthcare providers, community transport organisations and commercial transport operators, including many taxi services. By using small to medium sized base vehicles we offer excellent value for money, with lower purchase and running costs, as well as enhanced drivability and flexibility, compared with larger wheelchair accessible vehicles.

International Distribution
Providing 5,000 vehicles annually, we offer full international production and distribution facilities. These include:

  • Production of complete wheelchair accessible vehicle with full automotive certification
  • All models available in left or right hand drive
  • Option of Peugeot orCitroën base vehicles
  • Early delivery available from our substantial vehicle stock
  • Worldwide deliver
Business Partner Programme
Driven by demand for specialist wheelchair accessible transport, Allied Vehicles is currently expanding its worldwide markets. We will be pleased to talk to potential sales and distribution partners who can demonstrate a successful business record in the automotive or mobility sector, together with a strong commitment to high quality customer care and after-sales support.

Allied Vehicles Group
Trading successfully for over 20 years, Allied Vehicles Group employs more than 580 people and has an annual turnover of more than €85 million. Our main manufacturing plant in Glasgow, which spans nine hectares, includes extensive facilities for engineering development, pre-production, electronics, vehicle assembly, painting, stock holding and distribution. Recent company awards include ‘Best Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Partner’ and ‘Outstanding Achievements in Engineering’.

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