F&P Robotics AG of Glattbrugg at REHACARE 2017 in Düsseldorf -- REHACARE Trade Fair

F&P Robotics AG

Rohrstr. 36, 8152 Glattbrugg
Telephone +41 44 5159520
Fax +41 44 5159525

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REHACARE 2017 hall map (Hall 4): stand F42

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REHACARE 2017 fairground map: Hall 4

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.18  Reachers, automatic reachers, extenders

Reachers, automatic reachers, extenders

Our products

Product category: Reachers, automatic reachers, extenders

P-Rob 2R

P-Rob 2 is a robotic arm available in different variants (Power input: AC or DC, Operating voltage: 24V or 48V, different color combinations). This flexibility allows the robotic arm to be adapted to various needs and facilitates its integration and acceptance by operators. P-Rob is also the only fully integrated and embedded robotic arm. It’s footprint does not exceed 300×300 mm2.

These unique features allow for quick and simple setup without the need of any external power adapters or control devices. All P-Rob models support a position repeatability of 0.1mm and a payload of up to 3kg. The cover of the robotic arms consist of a soft shell combined with a synthetic leather skin. It protects co-workers as well as the robot itself from external damage. The look and feel of F&P robotic arms is truly unique and contributes to a positive and collaborative human-robot relationship.

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Product category: Reachers, automatic reachers, extenders

P-Grip® 2F

P-Grip’s broad capability to grasp objects of various hand-size shapes makes it ideal for applications dealing with a variety of objects. Applications requiring sensor data fusion techniques are essential in today’s automation tasks. The P-Grip concept combined with myP software easily allows integrating sensors and vision systems.
P-Grip is a modular angular 2-finger gripper concept including motor, gears and control board with position, velocity and torque control, which can be mounted either straight on top of the P-Arm (180° mounting) or in a right angle position with the arm (90° mounting). The outside parts of gripper body and fingers are realized with soft materials, so that direct cooperation with humans is safe, as long as the manipulated objects are not dangerous themselves.

The basic structure of P-Grip is made of aluminum. The gripper is coated with a synthetic hull and covered by a soft, non-conductive, protective isolation material. This prevents rigid contact between the gripper body and the user. The gripper contains a mechanical stop on either side to limit the angular or linear range of motion and prevent unintentional movements.

Many tasks, a robot has to perform, require different manipulations with optimized tools. In order to enable a smooth automated process, F&P provides a standard full-finger gripper version, which is designed for optimal grasping of a huge variety of objects. In case of frequent application changes with different shapes of the parts to be grasped, the full-fingers can be replaced by a finger-base and exchangeable fingertips. The fingertips can be optionally equipped with task-specific sensors, e.g., encoders, torque and proximity sensors. Multiple sensor integration is available, through the use of a multichannel interface implemented in the P-Grip body. Additionally, a vacuum gripper is available for specific handling tasks.

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Product category: Reachers, automatic reachers, extenders

P-Grip® V2

P-Grip V is a soft covered vacuum gripper with two independently controllable suction cups.

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About us

Company details

Robotic technologies hold the potential to transform developed markets and to create new ones. It enhances productivity and at the same time increases the quality of both products and human life. As a pioneer in Personal Robotics, F&P Robotics AG works to achieve this vision.

F&P aims to establish as a leading provider of light weight robots. F&P focuses on the reduction of the complexity in automatisation. It should be as easy as possible to program and to steer a P-Rob, so that the P-Rob can be used for many new applications in collaborative robotics and service robotics . The “P” in P-Rob stands for “personal”, this refers to the easy and intuitive handling with the P-Rob, the intrinsic security concept and to the design of the P-Rob.

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