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Al Saad Chowdhury

Commercialization & International Sales Manager

46 73 300 4676


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.07  Cutlery, eating aids

Cutlery, eating aids

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.12  Feeding devices, feeding tubes, feeding pumps

Feeding devices, feeding tubes, feeding pumps

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.31  Drinking aids

Drinking aids

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.04  Telecommunication aids
  • 05.04.03  Telecommunication software

Telecommunication software

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.03  Excercise therapy

Excercise therapy

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.04  Equipment for movement, strenght-training and balance-training

Equipment for movement, strenght-training and balance-training

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.08  Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy

Our products

Product category: Cognitive therapy

Bike Around

Real life activity Happiness is underrated! The BikeAround™, takes you around the world. The will to move around, get out and look around is only natural, but everyone does not have this opportunity. One of the largest challenges in health care is to offer meaningful activities. Illness and disability should not keep someone from having a meaningful everyday life.

 With BikeAround, you can create an interactive experience which can help improve everyday life

Let your clients return to places they recognize, such as their childhood community.

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Product category: Feeding devices, feeding tubes, feeding pumps


Enjoy your meal in your own pace and on your own terms. Bestic is suitable for... ...people with difficulties lifting or using their arms/hands.

Do you get exhausted when using your arms during a meal?

...people with big uncontrollable movements/spastics

Are you able to eat food from a spoon that is “parked” in front of your mouth?

...people who want to increase their activity level

Missing or lacking energy to eat a full meal?

Product facts:  Size in travel case: height - 13.4", width - 8.7", depth - 7.9"

 Running time with battery: approximately 5 hours.

 Inputs: USB and 3.5 mm jack plug.

 Possibility to set spoon height and depth depending on the user's seating position.

 Bestic is an FDA-registered Medical device Class I.

 Bestic is certified and CE-marked as a Class I device for the EU.

 Weight: 4.4 lbs  

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Product category: Telecommunication software


Giraff is a telepresence robot that relatives, home care and healthcare staff can use to virtually visit individuals that are still living at home despite their regular care needs. With Giraff you are using a secure network and are visiting from a distance. You can move around in their home freely and can interact with the Giraff user through its video system. The one that you are visiting can easily accept or decline a call, without any prerequisites. The one visiting through the Giraff only needs a computer with internet connection and basic computer skills. With Giraff you free up time from costly oversight visits, reducing travel time for healthcare staff and providing a feeling of security for patients and relatives.

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About us

Company details

Camanio Care is a care tech company that develops innovative solutions for a good care at home with the individual in focus. Camanio Care offers digital service platforms for digital care, robotics, assistive devices and gamification, with products such as VITAL, BikeAround ™, Bestic® and Giraff ™.

Through three focus areas; Activation, Mealtime and Digital care, Camanio Care wishes to support people’s basic needs and increase accessibility and quality within health care.

Camanio Care AB today has its headquarters in Stockholm, a US subsidiary, Camanio Care Inc., as well as distributors in Asia, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Australia and in ten European countries.

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