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Wheelchair components and accessories

Our products

Product category: Wheelchair components and accessories

ADAPTOR for Folding Wheelchairs

For individuals with folding wheelchairs, you will need the ADAPTOR to connect your FreeWheel.

That ADAPTOR fits between the side horizontal tubing on your wheelchair. Once connected it temporarily keeps the chair from folding. The "hitch" at the end of the ADAPTOR acts as a two tube footrest type, which is what you attach the FreeWheel to.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the initial set up of the ADAPTOR. You set-up your FreeWheel using the custom flat shims that comes with the ADAPTOR and the SHORT Rear End that comes with the FreeWheel. Put the FreeWheel in the Tail Dragger Position (wheel out front of the FreeWheel frame) to attach it to the ADAPTOR hitch.

When you are ready to go inside, put the FreeWheel in the Tail Dragger Position, unclamp from the "hitch" and then loosen the large knobs on the ADAPTOR. The ADAPTOR is now easily removed and you can fold your wheelchair.

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Product category: Wheelchair components and accessories

RACK Carry-All

Weighing just 1 lb., the RACK Carry-All is a quick add on to your chair when using your FreeWheel and
increasing your independence.

Easier Access - With the RACK Carry-All your belongs are close at hand vs. hanging on the back of your chair.

Safer - The RACK provides additional stability as there is less weight on the back of your wheelchair, reducing concerns about tipping backwards.

Carry More - Instead of relying on someone to assist you or having items falling off your lap, the RACK
will allow you to independently and easily carry up to 25 lbs of groceries, fishing equipment, sports gear, etc.

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About us

Company details

The FreeWheel allows you to easily and safely traverse any rough terrain.

Whether it's the urban jungle that is NYC, going to your child's soccer game, or participating in a triathlon,
a FreeWheel is the answer.

Easier Pushing - The FreeWheel's longer wheelbase makes it easier to push yourself or be pushed.
No more need to constantly be popping wheelies. Shoulders, elbows and wrists experience less strain
when using the FreeWheel.

Safer - With the front casters lifted there is less risk of having the person in the chair fall
when the casters catch on bumps in the sidewalk, stones or gravel in the road, or crossing a grassy field.

Social Aspects - In most instance, the person in the chair must always be looking at the ground
in front of them to make sure they don't hit anything that will cause them to fall out of the chair. With the FreeWheel, wheelchair users can comfortably look at the world around them and converse with friends and family.

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