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Our products

Product category: Swimming aids

Amphibious chairs

Amphibious chairs are special chairs to go through the sand and float on the water. We are the first company to introduce amphibious chairs for accessible beaches in the Spanish market, thus benefiting a large population of people with some kind of disability.
Our company, Kaldevi, is highly specialized in all types of amphibious or yellow chairs as they are known. We also provide all types of technical assistance to accessible beaches.

We are a majority company, offering our products to special wholesale care centers, residences, day centers and other orthopedic facilities. We are in charge of offering advice to all our clients, seeking to satisfy their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Our amphibious chairs are stable and comfortable, do not hesitate to contact us, get to know our products and check the quality of our services.

Amphibious wheelchair

When the sun comes up, everyone wants to go to the beach and be in a wheelchair at some point. It doesn't have to be an impediment to enjoying a great day of sunbathing on any of the magnificent beaches that we have in our country. For all this, Kaldevi offers amphibious chairs for the disabled, facilitating total accessibility to the beach and the sea, hence its name.
An amphibious chair is characterized above all by its wheels. They are very large wheels that prevent the chair from being sunk in the sand, making it easy to transport it around any part of the beach. As we said, some also have buoyancy to allow bathing. To the taste of the user and according to the characteristics he needs. Kaldevi offers amphibious wheelchairs for all cases.
Kaldevi is here to answer any questions you may have about our catalogue if you are looking for an amphibious wheelchair. If you have any questions about the amphibious chair that best suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department, available for whatever you need and which will advise you free of charge on any aspect.

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Product category: Swimming aids

Amphibious crutches

Many people are prevented from going to the beach or directly abandon one of their hobbies because of a disability. Whether large or small, access to the beach becomes extremely difficult. People who use a cane, for example, find it very uncomfortable to enjoy the beach as much as anyone who does not suffer from this type of disability. That is why Kaldevi offers these people a wide range of amphibious crutches, so that they can choose the one that best suits their characteristics.
The amphibious crutches available at Kaldevi are the best on the market, designed to improve the lives of these people, allowing them access to the beach, the bathroom... There are many advantages to be found: maximum comfort, functionality and greater mobility in the bathroom, as well as facilitating access to and enjoyment of the beach... Why? The amphibious crutches that we offer at Kaldevi have a larger contact surface, avoid getting stuck in the sand and, in addition, have a high degree of durability over time and in adverse conditions (sand, water...) due to their resistance to corrosion and buoyancy.
Do not hesitate to contact our company for any questions about your choice of amphibious crutch. Kaldevi will be happy to assist you with your choice free of charge and without obligation.

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Product category: Swimming aids

Folding ramps

At Kaldevi we have folding ramps for the disabled. They are highly demanded for their lightness, resistance and for being very comfortable to carry and use. Another of its features is its versatility, as it combines functionality and durability in equal parts and in all kinds of places. A way to remove any obstacles, any barriers when using a wheelchair or other similar vehicle. Ideal for carrying them in the car and using them when you arrive at your destination as it will only take a few seconds to fold them up.

Using one of these folding ramps offers the user a wide range of advantages. As they do not require a fixed base, they can be used anywhere (accessible beaches, places with many unevennesses...) and in any situation. Its strength and low weight are other advantages. They can be used indoors or outdoors and are prepared to prevent any kind of slippage. Not to mention your comfort, of course. Many people solve many of the barriers and obstacles that their chair cannot overcome with these folding ramps.

The definitive solution to overcome steps and other types of slopes, slopes and obstacles. If you need to buy a folding ramp, you can contact our advisory service, which has qualified and trained professionals to provide you with the information and solutions to your questions. This way, you can avoid not choosing the right product, in this case a folding ramp that's just right for you - consult Kaldevi, your reliable online orthopaedist!

Your roll-up ramp on Kaldevi.co.uk
We also have roller ramps in Kaldevi. All of them from the best manufacturers in the market. Light, portable, really effective ramps. A roll-up ramp with a compact design that allows it to be rolled up for storage and transport and can be assembled in a few seconds. The roll-up ramps we offer at Kaldevi provide the fastest, most convenient and easiest way to access vehicles or buildings for people in wheelchairs or electric scooters. This type of ramp can be used with a double function: as a mobile or fixed ramp.

We have the most practical roll-up ramps for transport and storage, as they take up very little space and do not require much effort to roll up, use or remove them. They are ideal for saving large lengths - do you need more information about Kaldevi's roller shutters? Consult with our experts. We will be happy to answer any and all of your questions and advise you on a great choice, we are here to help you!

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About us

Company details

In Kaldevi we started our professional career in 1997, in a small shop of 70 m² and a workshop of many others. We were the first company in Spain to introduce amphibious chairs for accessible beaches to the market.

This has earned us the recognition of the sector, currently being true specialists in accessible beaches.

In 2003, the initial location was completely converted into a workshop and we opened our current 240 m² shop where we set up our headquarters. In 2008, we opened the 500 m² warehouse currently located in Paiporta (Valencia). With the evolution, our service to our clients also grew, transforming us into orthopedics, continuing with the technical aids and counting on our own technical service.

Our company is associated with IBV and the Cvida Association: quality and technology are our work.

Orthopedics Valencia
Among the online orthopaedic shops we have positioned ourselves in all these years as one of the best in customer service, quality and prices, as well as always stand out in the optimal selection of our product offering, both in Valencia, as in Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Bilbao, Seville, Castellón, Malaga, Albacete, Murcia, Alicante and throughout the country. In Kaldevi's online shop you will find a magnificent selection of orthopaedic articles with the best value for money on the market we deal with.

In our online orthopaedics we also offer personalised health advice by providing you with a highly qualified health professional. In Kaldevi we only work with the best brands of manufacturers, always taking into account that whenever they give us good prices, that price-quality ratio that is the best for our customers, always offering quality assurance in our products.
At Kaldevi, we want to respond to your request, with the primary objective of offering professional technical advice for an exact choice of what is required, according to the customer's needs, according to his or her pathology. We have orthopedic equipment and appliances for any disability or pathology of our client.

For Kaldevi, this aspect is extremely important, since our aim is none other than to help those who need to recover a certain quality of life to achieve the greatest possible satisfaction. We can help you in any case - are you looking for online orthopaedics? Kaldevi is one of the options that must be weighed in terms of quality, price and customer service.

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