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  • 05  Communication
  • 05.03  Aids for speaking and speech impaired persons
  • 05.03.01  Eye control devices

Eye control devices

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.03  Aids for speaking and speech impaired persons
  • 05.03.03  Communicators


  • 05  Communication
  • 05.03  Aids for speaking and speech impaired persons
  • 05.03.05  Software for augmentative communication

Software for augmentative communication

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.05  Computer and aids for using computers
  • 05.05.04  Software for augmentative communication

Software for augmentative communication

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.06  Entertainment electronics
  • 05.06.03  Electronic media

Electronic media

Our products

Product category: Communicators


C-Eye® PRO is a medical product, which uses eye-tracking technology.
On an international scale, it is the only tool that helps medical professionals assess the state of consciousness and to rehabilitate patients suffering from various neurological disorders. The system uses the CyberEye Method designed at the Gdańsk University of Technology.

It is a method which brings benefits to the patients and their therapists.
Therapists who use the C-Eye® PRO system can assess the condition of patients with neurological and developmental disorders, establish contact with them, and start rehabilitation according to their needs. Diagnostic and therapeutic sessions involve the patient performing special tasks, using their eyes. The tasks are displayed as various pictures on the screen. It is possible to examine and then stimulate particular centres in the central nervous system responsible for sight, hearing and cognitive functions.

Many professionals can use the device successfully in their work.
The C-Eye® PRO version is designed primarily for health care centres, such as hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, doctors and therapists (speech therapists, psychologists and trained caregivers). Wherever visual contact with patients is possible.

Patient condition assessment module, neurorehabilitation module, and communication and entertainment module.
Using the assessment module allows one to examine the senses responsible for communication, as well as to verify the patient’s cognitive functions and emotional state. The neurorehabilitation module is used to stimulate language, visual-spatial processing, memory, thinking and communication skills. The communication and entertainment module helps in everyday communication, while advanced users can use “virtual keyboards to enter any content with their eyes and save it in the system memory.

An extensive database.
The system automatically records the results of work with the patient. Automatic recording is performed during exercises, as well as diagnostic or therapeutic sessions. This can be copied to memory sticks, displayed as tables, used in comparisons and above all to keep track of the patient’s progress at a specific time.

The version is designed for professionals who work with patients.
Depending on the license you choose, you can work with 30, 60, 90 or an unlimited number of patients using one device. An individual profile is created for each of them, the results of the work are recorded and, in addition, the system remembers the settings ascribed to a specific person.

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Product category: Communicators


eyefeel® contains pleasant therapeutic exercises and games for patients who cannot communicate otherwise.
eyefeel® is available as a standalone application or as an integrated module for a C-Eye® device. The application / module provides therapy through play and entertainment. The tasks have been designed by specialists. They subtly motivate patients, including children, to further rehabilitation.

Learning and rehabilitation through play.
The eyefeel® application / module contains therapeutic exercises, designed by a team of specialists and then reviewed and approved by experienced therapists. All the tasks aim to provide fun for patients, so that they can undergo therapy through play and entertainment. Each moment a patient spends with eyefeel® has a positive effect, because their own progress is for them a source of joy and a great stimulus to continue rehabilitat

eyefeel® offers interesting solutions for people who do not communicate by speech:
  • Therapeutic and educational animations.
  • Boards used for communication and “virtual keyboards”.
  • Games and a media player.
  • Presentation editor, allowing the patient to create their own therapeutic content, practically without any limitations.
    eyefeel® is designed for people who cannot communicate otherwise, in particular:
  • Children, as it works perfectly as a set of games and educational animations.
  • Children with developmental disorders, where it serves as a therapeutic tool.
  • Patients who are immobilized, fully conscious, having difficulties in communicating, who can spend time listening to music or
  • audiobooks, playing their favourite games, or reading

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Product category: Eye control devices


The remote control is designed for remote task management, and it facilitates device operation during therapeutic sessions. It is supplied with the C-Eye® PRO – a device designed for use in hospitals, clinical centres and doctors’ offices. It is also possible to use the remote control while working with the C-Eye® at home, and if you wish to extend the system by adding a remote-control module, you can contact your customer assistant at any time.

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About us

Company details

We improve the quality of life of many people in need.

We make a difference to the lives of many people suffering from the consequences of neurological traumas or recovering from coma. We restore the dignity of a human being who feels and understands what goes on around them, and thanks to our work they can express their needs and effectively communicate with others.

The flagship solution, which we offer to patients and their families, is the C-Eye® system. It is the only certified medical product on an international scale that uses eye tracking technology to assess the patient’s state of consciousness and perform rehabilitation.
Our company is an academic spin-off of the Gdansk University of Technology, and its founders worked on the scientific prototype of the C-Eye® system – CyberEye. The crucial element in the development of the company and the products we offer is our R&D and cooperation with authorities in the world of science. AssisTech Sp. z o.o. is a company which focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative solutions in the areas of computer science, multimedia and biomedical engineering.
The mission of our company is to create technologically advanced solutions that support people in their everyday lives, based on the experience and knowledge of specialists in a variety of fields, including neurological rehabilitation, special education and IT. A characteristic feature of AssisTech is interdisciplinarity, meaning the integration of information technology with the competencies of various specialists, which results in creating professional, functional, extremely helpful and sophisticated prod

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