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Stephen Hill

International Marketing Manager



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.07  Cutlery, eating aids
  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.31  Drinking aids

Drinking aids

  • 08  Orthopedic aids
  • 08.03  Orthoses and harnesses for extremities

Orthoses and harnesses for extremities

Our products

Product category: Cutlery, eating aids

Neater Eater Robotic

The Neater Eater Robotic V6 is the most  advanced assistive eating technology device available today

The V6 Robotic Neater Eater can be used by anyone who can chew and swallow, allowing for greater independence, dignity and choice when it comes to meal times. Its portable design makes it suitable to take out to restaurants and family meals. Multiple programme options to suit users needs with the option of tablet app touch screen operation or switch interface. New for 2018 is the ability to operate the V6 with eye gaze technology

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Product category: Orthoses and harnesses for extremities

Neater Arm Support

The Neater Arm support has been providing arm mobility since 2005. It is firmly established as one of the favourite assistive technologies for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The mobile arm support has a power drive unit which, when activated with a switch drives the uses arms up and down with no effort. As the system does not rely on any counter balance mechanism it can adapt instantly to user dynamics when the arms become heavier. The arm support mounts onto the users powered wheelchair to become a self contained unit to enable use indoors and out

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Product category: Cutlery, eating aids

Neater Eater

Neater Eaters are easy to use and are packed with features and accessories adaptable for people with a very wide range of abilities and needs.

The completely new sleek design manually controlled Neater Eater has built-in features such as a new food scooping system.

  • Increases independence
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Helps maintain dignity
  • Improves posture and mouth control
  • Invigorates interest in food and mealtimes to improve nutrition
  • Assists carers

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Product category: Drinking aids

Neater Drinkers

Neater Drinkers, drinking aids, allow people with limited head movement the ability to drink when out or at home. Benefits
  • Long straws drinking aids can be bent to position close to the mouth
  • Sucking is made easier with a non-return valve inside
  • Powered pumped drinking aid version available (also suitable for puréed food)
  • The Neater Drinker Metallic is thermally insulated and fits most cup holders
  • Stable non-slip bases
  • Wheelchair cup holder attachments
  • Straw holding attachments
Drinking Aids

The Neater Drinkers are drinking aids designed over many years to enable users who lack the ability to drink from a cup or glass due to tremors, weakness or limited head mobility. These drinking aids have been evolved to provide a number of solutions from our original ceramic Neater Drinker through to our new Neater Steady Double Straw. Each development has been designed with the user in mind, to make their lives that much easier and enable a simple but effective route to hydration and nutrition.

*We are pleased to offer FREE home assessments on many of our products, however this does not extend to smaller products such as Neater Drinkers.

Neater Power Drinker Drinking Aid

Designed and developed to provide a solution for users with weak sucking ability or poor lip closure the Neater Powered Drinker drinking aid is a useful addition to the range as it has the facility of being able to work with puréed food for those on a soft food diet. This drinking aid provides an enabling solution for users with MND or muscular dystrophy as well as cerebral palsy.

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Product category: Cutlery, eating aids

Neater Table

The Neater table is a height adjustable table specifically designed with wheelchair users and those in riser recliner chairs. This robust height adjustable table  has a table top surface of 900 x 500mm and can adjust in height from  620-940mm to suit both children and adults. It is also available with 3 surface options, standard table top, cut away and angle adjustable. It can be easily folded away after use and has 6 lockable castors

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About us

Company details

Neater Solutions is recognised by health professionals and clients worldwide for the design, manufacture and supply of specialist eating and drinking systems for people who have difficulty in feeding themselves.

The company now supplies a range of complementary equipment with new products being sourced and designed all the time in order to give people greater independence, dignity and choice in their lives.

Our development is driven by a belief that solutions lie in good design and in the creation and influence of systems that enable people worldwide to access equipment.

Our products are distributed worldwide and range from Neater Eaters, enabling people to feed themselves, to Neater Buttons for easy switching.

The Neater Eater is probably our best-known product and is based on a modular system, ensuring that the equipment includes exactly the right features for the user or diner. We even offer a free home assessment (UK) so that you can be sure that it meets your needs before you decide to buy.

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