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  • 05  Communication
  • 05.03  Aids for speaking and speech impaired persons
  • 05.03.03  Communicators


  • 05  Communication
  • 05.03  Aids for speaking and speech impaired persons
  • 05.03.05  Software for augmentative communication

Software for augmentative communication

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Product category: Software for augmentative communication


ATLAS is a groundbreaking new development project which aims to provide speech and language therapists with an automated screening tool to detect developmental language disorders, saving NHS speech therapists 90 minutes per patient.

By utilising advances in machine learning and a unique dataset, we will produce a technology with the ability to directly interpret speech from children with developmental language disorders. The fact that child speech input will be directly recognised, transcribed and parsed for analysis will dramatically simplify screening and assessment sessions.

More information will come as ATLAS continues the research and development stage, and as results from the first tests com in.

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Product category: Software for augmentative communication

Kids Sound Lab Pro

Raddlist wanted to make a game to promote correct articulation and reading in young students. They wanted progression in the game to match typical development in children, so that sounds which are commonly picked up early are the first levels in the app, with harder sounds coming later. Research has shown this methodology leads to children learning phonics faster, which assists in their reading and vocabulary skills

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Product category: Software for augmentative communication

Word Prediction

Predictable's self-learning word prediction helps you to quickly and acurately construct sentences. Predictions are shown in a bubble which moves along with the text as you write, a static strip above the keyboard, or both! The word prediction learns from your speech history and becomes personalised to start predicting the things that you say.

Autocomplete lets you easily add words with fewer keystrokes, autocorrect fixes typos, and spell check highlights words it doesn't recognise.

Add custom pronunciation to names and unusually pronouced words, or use custom words to create easy shortcuts for long words or phrases.

  •  Two Word
  •  New Bubble
  •  Intelligent prediction
  •  Self learning

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About us

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At Therapy Box we are proud of the work that we do. We have won multiple awards for innovation - with an in house accessibility brand; a brand new education range and with a client and partner list that includes global organisations. Founded in 2010, our ethos is to deliver solutions that make life easier by solving real world problems with technology.

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