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Pirkkalaistie 1, 37100 Nokia
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  • 05  Communication
  • 05.05  Computer and aids for using computers
  • 05.05.05  Alternative input devices
  • 05  Communication
  • 05.05  Computer and aids for using computers
  • 05.05.08  Special keyboards

Our products

Product category: Alternative input devices

Quha Zono - Gyroscopic Wireless Mouse

Quha Zono is the original gyroscopic mouse designed for special needs.
Quha Zono makes it possible to use a computer when you cannot use an ordinary mouse with your hands. It translates natural head movements into mouse pointer movements – the mouse pointer follows your head movements.
It is an extremely light device, and since it is completely wireless there are endless ways to wear it.

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Product category: Alternative input devices

Quha Nemo - Self-Operated Quha Zono Headband with Charging Dock

Quha Nemo is a modified version of the Headband for Quha Zono. It includes a charging dock with a possibility to pick the Headband up hands-free without any assistance.

Nemo is designed so that the user can pick up the Headband with their head and start using it immediately. There is no need for assistance, and after using it, the user can return it to the charging dock where it will automatically start charging.

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Product category: Alternative input devices

Quha Sento - Contactless Puff Switch

Quha Sento is the world’s first contactless puff switch. It is used to perform a short mouse click or dragging together with the Quha Zono gyroscopic mouse.
Mouse clicks are made easily and hygienically with a small puff to the microphone type of mouthpiece.

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Product category: Special keyboards

Quha Vido - External Virtual Keyboard and Mouse

Quha Vido is an external virtual keyboard and mouse. Quha Vido allows you to use your computer more efficiently, since it frees up your screen space as there is no need to display a virtual keyboard and mouse on your computer screen. Using Quha Vido makes writing emails, browsing the internet and working with your computer faster and more efficient.
The easy and fast setup lets you decide where you want to place the Vido display. You can use Quha Vido together with any wireless computer mouse provided by other manufacturers, although using it in conjunction with the Quha Zono wireless computer mouse gives you the best user experience. With the help of its adjustable stand, you can place the Vido display exactly how you want it and adjust the angle to your liking.

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Company news




Sep 20, 2018

Quha Nemo Self - Operated Quha Zono Headband with Charging Dock

Quha is introducing a new product, Quha Nemo, at the Rehacare Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany on September 26-29, 2018. Quha Nemo is a self-operated Quha Zono headband with a charging dock. It provides a fully independent way to use the popular hands free Quha Zono gyroscopic headmouse.

With Quha Nemo, picking up, putting down, using and charging the Quha Zono headmouse is possible without assistance. Quha Nemo improves the Quha Zono usability to a new level.

Quha Nemo deliveries will start on week 41.

Quha’s extensive range of communication products is shown at the exhibition.

The wireless gyroscopic mouse Quha Zono enables accurate wireless hand free access to computers, tablets and smartphones. Quha Sento is a touch free wireless puff switch to facilitate clicking with Quha Zono. Quha Pufo+ puff switch gives accurate mouse click control with Quha Zono. The Quha Vido virtual keyboard and mouse enhances the display and typing usage on the computer. The Sento MP multipurpose switch is a generic touch-free switch with standard compatible connectivity. Together with a wide variety of mounting accessories, these products enable wireless, handsfree and independent access to communication, gaming, social media and environment control.

Quha is a Finnish medical electronics company producing electronic computer access devices for people with special needs. Quha is selling its products worldwide in 30+ countries. Quha’s web pages are located at www.quha.com.

Print quality press images in electronic form are available at www.quha.com/press.


Contact information

Petri Latva-Rasku, Marketing Director
Quha oy
Pirkkalaistie 1, FIN-37100 Nokia, Finland
Tel. +358 40 527 6443

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About us

Company details

Quha oy is a Finnish high quality electronics R&D and manufacturing company. It was founded in 2012 to produce electronic computer access devices for people with special needs.
Quha has five employees working in management, software and electronics development, marketing and sales. In addition to its own employees, Quha employs several other people through partnering and subcontracting.
Quha brought its first product, Quha Zono Gyroscopic Air Mouse, to the market in January 2013. Quha Zono is a revolutionary product in the computer access device market, providing superior accuracy, flexibility and easiness to its users.

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