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Barrier free accomodation and destinations

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Aids for vacation and travel

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Travel information, travel guidebooks, travel catalogues

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Product category: Leisure facilities

Adapted diving

Discover your sensations under water 

Adapted diving is an ideal sport for people with disabilities, allowing maximum integration as the barriers disappear allowing great freedom of movement that can't be done on land.

The weightlessness, sounds, perceptions received underwater are unimaginable.

We have designed a series of courses throughout the year so that people with any type of disability can initially make a baptism of diving. This baptism takes place over about 3-4 hours, which includes both theoretical and practical training in a controlled environment (confined waters) where you can experience the sensations provided by diving.

This baptism does not allow the obtaining of any diving certificate.

For those who have already tried it or wish to obtain the Fdbas 1 Star certificate, we offer the course to obtain it.

We also offer the possibility of different thematic baptisms in specialized tanks such as

  • Striped Diving
  • Shark Diving.
Do you want to live a unique experience?

Ask us for information now and immerse yourself in a sea of possibilities!

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Product category: Barrier free accomodation and destinations, Leisure facilities, Aids for vacation and travel, Travel information, travel guidebooks, travel catalogues


Towards Tourism for All

From the need to build an involved society and general economic and social value, in Handisport we have launched in 2012 the area dedicated entirely to accessible tourism from where we advise, train and train our customers in everything related to universal accessibility, treatment and communication towards people with disabilities and design for all, always framed within accessible tourism.

What is Handitur?

Handitur is the new integrated area within the Handisport Foundation dedicated to the promotion, training and development of accessible tourist destinations.

Founded in 2012, it was founded by tourism and disability professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the field of advice, training and implementation of accessible tourism projects.

Handitur arises from the real need for a comprehensive adaptation of a tourist destination to the circumstances of society in general as well as to the demand for specific tourism.

Why accessible tourism?

  • Tourism for all is about freedom of movement and accessibility of a destination for people with permanent disabilities, with special needs resulting from evolution (old age) or temporary circumstances (pregnancies, parents travelling in strollers, temporarily injured people).
  • In Europe alone some 37 million people suffer from a disability, and taking into account all these circumstances, temporary or permanent, we find that we are benefiting some 120 million people with disabilities and elderly people.
  • In the midst of a process of globalizing change where opportunities are just around the corner, the union of efforts in favor of the differentiation of a destination, environment or situation is indispensable.

Inclusive tourism can be defined as the set of experiences offered in tourism that can be enjoyed by all people, including those with special needs due to physical, mental and/or sensory disabilities.

Inclusive tourism should provide access for all, allowing people with special needs the possibility of living tourism independently, with equity and dignity, through the design of tourism products as well as the services and environment associated with it.

Handitur is the area from which we approach inclusive tourism in different areas:

- Health tourism. Rehabilitation through sports activities.
- Long stays
- Sports Multiactivity
- Specialized courses
- International Tournaments
- organization of international forums
- Elaboration of tourist packages for everyone
- Excursions
- Destination development
- Consultancy

Reference: Handitur

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Product category: Leisure facilities


Navigate on wheels

Blokart is the ultimate inclusive sport.

We offer you this new sport that is breaking down barriers internationally and that is so easy to handle that it makes your fun unimaginable.

Socially known as sailing on land, it is a young sport that develops on land through the use of a tricycle equipped with a sail that is responsible for giving speed and a bidirectional handlebar that allows you to maneuver....
It can be carried out by any user, regardless of their degree of disability, and the necessary adaptations can be made. The user practices the activity in tandem with a specialized monitor to achieve the necessary safety index for a successful practice.
It allows to enjoy a team sport in the natural environment, where the individual is totally independent, so the degree of personal satisfaction is very high.
Blokart is the definition of equality, since it is a sports modality that bets on competition without distinction of age, gender, physical condition or capacity, using body weight as a group scale.

We can practice it both on solid ground and on asphalt or in very wet and hard sand.
For the more daring and professional when a gust of strong wind comes in, 80km/h can be achieved.
but we prefer to enjoy the embat, or sunset wind, and spend a fun and accessible day.

What exactly is blokart? It's History

Blokart's story is the story of one man's dream, his family and the growing community that spreads across the planet every day. The blokart was developed by the inventor and Managing Director of the family business, Paul Beckett.

In September 1999 Paul, with previous experience in hang-gliding and motor racing, was inspired to build a wind-powered vehicle that was portable, safe, fun, fast and easy to use for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Since its concept, every aspect of blokart has been extensively studied and tested by experienced pilots in the most extreme conditions and environments to ensure maximum comfort, safety, fun and performance, resulting in this mini-caravel, which since its launch in 2001, has generated thousands of new practitioners worldwide.

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About us

Company details

The Handisport Foundation was born in 2005 from an idea called Handiaventuras as an open entity for those who wish to continue practicing sports and enjoying outdoor activities in the company of their friends and family.

This will or idea has been called HANDISPORT since 2007 and its philosophy is based on finding the necessary tools so that people with disabilities can carry out their favourite activities in the company of their loved ones, thus achieving a real integration into society through sport.

What is the Handisport Foundation?
The Handisport Foundation is a non-profit organisation created in 2007 with the aim of integrating people with disabilities through sport. From its design to its implementation, a group of experts in accessibility and adapted sport has been selecting the most suitable activities and spaces to offer an accessible, safe and attractive product.

The sports that we have in progress are carried out both as a recreational-sports activity of initiation or day, as well as continuous in time through the implementation of temporary courses that allow a development of the same (initiation, intermediate and advanced level).

Since 2007 we have consolidated 7 activities that focus our attention for which we have the specific material adapted for its correct use and, in the same way, since 2012 we are adding agreements with tourist attractions to incorporate more offer adapted to everyone.

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