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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Barrier free living
  • 03.02  Area of living and sleeping room
  • 03.02.02  Beds


  • 03  Barrier free living
  • 03.04  Electronical help systems
  • 03.04.01  Alarm monitoring and safety systems

Alarm monitoring and safety systems

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.04  Telecommunication aids
  • 05.04.05  Aids for writing and reading

Aids for writing and reading

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.02  Wheelchairs and vehicles
  • 07.02.13  Wheelchair systems

Wheelchair systems

  • 09  Nursing care for in-patient and homecare
  • 09.01  Antidecubitus aids
  • 09.01.08  Alternating pressure systems, mattresses and cushions

Alternating pressure systems, mattresses and cushions

  • 09  Nursing care for in-patient and homecare
  • 09.03  Aids for care and hygiene
  • 09.03.09  Nursing beds and accessories

Nursing beds and accessories

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.13  Massage equipment
  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.21  Therapeutic toys

Our products

Product category: Aids for writing and reading

Hand supporter "Rakukaki"

Help people with hand tremor to be able to write.

Hand supporter "Rakukaki" helps people who have difficulty in writing letters and stabilizing the pencil due to hand tremor by Parkinson’s disease. It’s also helpful writing letters with non-dominant hand when user has hemiplegia or injury. It is fitted to the shape of user’s hand with a comfortable feeling. The belt has a grip for the pencil. When writing, the users first fit the base of “Rakukaki” to their palms; then bend the belt around the thumb to achieve the most comfortable writing position.

For people who have hand tremor.

Rakukaki for left hand or right hand is available
Soft and comfortable
Lightweight and portable

Technical specifications
Dimensions : full length 26.5cm
Weight : 32.5g
Materials : inner: metal wire, silicon
Cover: synthetic leather
Color : black

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Product category: Nursing beds and accessories

Powered Turning Bed

Help to turn a patient over automatically

The powered Turning Bed has an “automatic patient turning” function, which ensures the “turning” to be automatically operated for the whole day to prevent bed sore. (low speed 0°~10°/20.40.80 sec). Both sides of the bottom can be inclined from 0° to 25°. The height can be adjusted between 32cm and 66cm. The positional turning can be carried out without touching the body of the patient. These functions provide a high quality sleep to the patient as well as reduce the burden of the caregivers.

For people who is a need to be turned over during night.

The back section and leg section will tilt automatically in accordance with instruction setting.
Quick release function makes sure the bed section to return to flat during power failure.
The operating speed of bed section is adjustable.

Technical specifications
Dimensions : L211.1 × W92.2 × H73.2~107.7cm
Bed section height range :32~66.5cm
Back section adjustment :0°~75°
Leg section adjustment :0°~24°
Tilting adjustment: manual :
0°~25°, automatic : 0°~10°
Total weight :115kg
Safe working Load :170kg (including accessories)
Power supply :AC100V 50/60Hz 130W (continuously 2mins)

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Product category: Nursing beds and accessories

Floor Bed

Can be lowered down to floor level to minimize damage from falling from the bed.

Floor Bed can be lowered down to a height of 11 cm. This is to avoid injuries in case falling out of the bed during sleep. While transferring in and out of the bed it can be set to a suitable height depending on the user and the caregiver. The height can be adjusted between 11 cm and 61 cm by using a controller. This provides the perfect working situation for the caregiver.The bed is designed to stop at the lowest height of 18cm (the toe clearance between the floor and moving parts) with standard controller. To proceed lowering down the bed, the caregiver needs to push a special button on the side frame. Retracable castors are available as optional accessory. 

Persons with Dementia (Users who have a tendency to roll out of bed or fall)

Height of 11cm protects users from fall injury.
Adjustable to nursing height of 61cm
Special button to lower less than 18cm gap.
Detachable head and footboard

Technical specifications
Dimensions :
214 × 103 × 70.3 ~ 120.3cm (L × W × Adjustable Height)
Recommended mattress size :181 × 91cm (L × W)
Height adjustment range :60cm
HLtime :raising 58sec, descending 48sec (355mm stroke)
HLspeed :raising 6.1mm/s, descending 7.4mm/s
Back section range of adjustment :75°
Leg section range of adjustment :35°
Total weight :62kg
Safe working Load :135kg
Power supply :AC100V 50/60Hz, 210W (continuous usage: 2mins)

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Product category: Therapeutic toys

Communication Baby Robot "Tartan"

Baby robot comforts persons with dementia with its smile.

Baby Doll “Cry-laugh Tartan” is a communication baby robot which can reduce stress for a person with dementia in an effective way. It has soft and flexible body, with a built in tactile sensor. It has voice sampling which makes the users feel like dealing with a real baby.

If the user picks it up and touch the baby robot, it will start to laugh or cry. It laughs when the user gently strokes its foot and cry when the user touch its hands. It has a psychological effect on users improving their relaxation and motivation. It also encourages the socialization of users with each other and with the caregivers.

Persons with Dementia

Starts laughing or crying when people touch its hand or foot.
Calms someone who is upset;
Clothes can be removed and easy to clean

Technical specifications
Body size :about 47cm long
Weight :1.4kg
Material :doll/ soft plastic, cloth/ polyester
Accessories :cot, pillow, blanket
Battery :AA battery × 3

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Product category: Alternating pressure systems, mattresses and cushions

Powered mattress "Looper Move"

The powered mattress provides you a relaxing time.

The "Looper Move" is a powered mattress which has adjustable back section and leg section. It can be used on the floor like a sofa, or on the bed as a mattress. The back section is adjustable up to 60°and the leg section is adjustable up to 30°in a smooth continuous movement as the user presses the controller. Four different designs of cover: Geo, Ripple, Brown, and Wine are available.

For people who want to have a relaxing time.

Edge support helps the user to sit firmly at the bedside
Mite-proofing design
Antibacterial deodorizing finishing
Back section and leg section can be adjusted freely.

Technical specifications
Dimension :L195 × W97 × H21cm
Weight :about 31kg
Surface material :double yarn knit
Spring :wood spring
Power supply :AC100V 50/60Hz 110W (continuously 2mins)

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Product category: Wheelchair systems

Safety Wheelchair-Koroba-Nice

Innovative wheelchair- features a safety brake system

The Safety Wheelchair “Koroba-Nice” is equipped with a Safety brake system and Safety foot supports.
Persons with dementia often forget to apply the brakes. This might cause them to fall as they transfer in and out of the wheelchair. If the brakes are not applied when getting off the wheelchair, it brakes by itself automatically. The safety brake system keeps being locked until the brakes are released, and locks upon getting off.

Standing up without folding up the footplates, the Safety foot supports automatically lower down to the ground. This reduces the risk of falls.

Persons with Dementia and The post-stroke hemiplegic users

Automatic brake system
Special mechanism for caregivers to release the brake.
Available in folding

Technical specifications
[ Wide ]
Overall Dimensions :75× 104 × 90 (W × L × H)cm
Wheel size :24inch, 5inch
Seat width :47cm
Sear depth :40cm
Seat-to-floor height :44cm (51cm including a cushion)
Back height :40cm
Total weight :25kg (including a cushion)
Weight capacityt :100kg
[ Regular ]
Overall Dimensions :72× 104 × 90 (W × L × H)cm
Wheel size :24inch, 5inch
Seat width :44cm
Seat depth :40cm
Seat-to-floor height :44cm (51cm including a cushion)
Back height :40cm
Total weight :23kg (including a cushion)
Weight capacity :100kg

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Product category: Massage equipment

Whole Body Shiatsu Massager-Tsubo Healther

Give comfortable Shiatsu massage to user’s whole-body.

Our Whole-body SHIATSU massage machine guarantees a more pleasant and smoothing Japanese SHIATSU massage and back straightening experience. Make it part of your life and discover the true meaning of relaxation.

The “Tsubo Healther” provides pleasant and smooth Japanese SHIATSU massage and a nice back straightening experience. Two sets of rollers gently manipulate the complete backside of the body to provide a full SHIATSU massage experience. The whole-body massage helps to relieve muscle stiffness and promote circulation over the entire body, from the ankles to neck. The built-in heater warms the body to enhance the benefits of the massage. It promotes deep relaxation to both your body and mind.

Our Whole-body SHIATSU massage machine helps to relieve muscle stiffness and pain while gently straightening and realigning the back to eliminate rounding and twisting. A daily session helps to stimulate circulation in the vicinity of the spine while promoting the function of the stomach and intestines.

For people who wants to have Shiatsu massage at home.

Accelerates fatigue recovery
Promotes blood circulation
Relieves muscle tiredness
Reduces muscle stiffness
Alleviates nerve and muscle pain

Technical specifications
Power supply :220~240V, 50/60Hz
Energy consumption :0.55~0.65A
Weight :18kg~22.5kg
Outer material :PVC / Polyester, Nylon
Dimensions (mm)
Full length:L2100 × W620 × H90
folded length :L1100 × W620 × H180
Accessories :weights (2 units 12kgs)

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Product category: Alarm monitoring and safety systems

Bed monitoring system "M-2"

Give warning when a patient is leaving and returning to bed

The bed monitoring system "M-2" consists of four pressure sensors for detecting the balance of the force carried on the bed. The pressure sensors detect as the persons with dementia is leaving and returning to the bed. It detects and displays 4 different types of patient’s movements, turning over, getting up from lying, sitting on the edge of bed, leaving from the bed. The signals are sent to a receiver that can be set as an example in a nurse station. It also gives warning when a patient leaves the bed longer than a certain time. This will reduce the burden of caregivers and give a higher degree of safety for the end user.

For people with dementia who have the tendency of wandering.

Warning operating situations: turning over on the bed, getting up from lying, sitting at the bedside, and getting out of a bed
Liquid crystal panel is adapted to hand controller.

Technical specifications
Dimensions :L215.1 × W96.5 × H65.3~99.8cm
Bed section height range :25.8~60.3cm
Back section adjustment :0°~72°
Leg section adjustment :0°~45°
Safe working Load :170kg (including accessories)
Power supply :AC100V 50/60Hz 130W (continuously 2mins)

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About us

Company details

FBH Japan is the overseas arm of France Bed Co., Ltd. Founded in Japan in 1946, France Bed Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and wholesaler of beds, assistive products, and health care apparatus. Over the past half century, we have conducted extensive research in order to realize the diversity and originality of our products. Nowadays our diverse products range from assistive products, products for the active seniors, health care apparatuses to beds & bedding.

In recent years, helping the aging has become a very important worldwide issue. In 2014, the ratio of people aged 65 and over reached 26% of the total population. The lifestyle of the elderly and the way of caring for the elderly have changed dramatically. Considering the current social environment, we developed and provided various products, supporting people's daily life. Our mission is to help people "live the full and easy day life ".

As a leading company which supports Japanese aging society, it would be our great pleasure to contribute our experiences and unique products, cultivated in the Japanese market, to European countries facing the aging issues.

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