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Our range of products

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  • 04  Aids for children
  • 04.05  Bicycles for kids
  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
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Our products

Product category: Bicycles, handbikes, tricycles

Tomcat Bullet

The Bullet Trike is a range of sporty, lightweight, adult trikes from Tomcat, designed for people with wide-ranging abilities!

Whether your difficulty is strength, mobility, road safety, independence, storage or transportation, there is a Bullet solution designed for your riding enjoyment, access and safety; in fact, the Bullet is the most versatile adult trike on planet earth.

There are four unique designs to choose from, each with a transportability option.

·         The multi-speed "Silver" Bullet for independent riders (With optional Power Assist).

·         The bespoke "Flash" Bullet for ultimate personalised, sports performance.

·         The single speed "Apprentice" Bullet for "Carer Supervised" rear steering and braking.

·         The multi-user "Cycle Squad" that is fully adjustable while the rider stays seated.  

Additionally, the Silver Bullet, Flash and Cycle Squad are optionally available with power assist.

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Product category: Bicycles for kids

Tomcat Tiger

Designed to suit the narrow pelvis of small children dealing with disablement of any kind.

The Tiger Trike can be as simple or supportive, either independent or supervised, as the rider requires. For children aged 18 months to 4 years (approx)

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Product category: Bicycles for kids

Tomcat Fizz

A road trike for riders with mild to profound and multiple disabilities. Suitable for ages 4 to adult.

Made in the UK and many of it’s 30-plus innovations, such as Carer Control, have become industry standards worldwide.

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Product category: Bicycles for kids, Bicycles, handbikes, tricycles

Tomcat Road Hog

The Roadhog is Tomcats multi-speed trike for more able riders.

Ergonomically, it is similar to the Fizz design, but it is always free-wheeling, and always multi-speed, with either a 5-speed hub or 9 and 18-speed derailleur drive.

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Product category: Bicycles, handbikes, tricycles

Tomcat Handy

It is the world’s first Hand-Propelled trike that can be fitted with a Carer Control system, for the parent to brake, steer and aid propulsion from behind.
Designed for users with wide-ranging disabilities but no use, or extremely little use of their legs

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Product category: Bicycles, handbikes, tricycles

Tomcat Tamara

The world’s only trike designed for hoist users

It has all the innovative accessories and features of the Tomcat Fizz trike with the added bonus of a “Tilt Away” backrest that allows the rider to be lowered in a standing sling without the backrest and its accessories getting in the way.

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Product category: Bicycles, handbikes, tricycles

Tomcat Trike Tidy

Provides an excellent space saving solution for storing your trike in the garage or home.

It’s very easy to install and only needs screws and bolts.

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About us

Company details

Finding a way together

Tom’s story

In 1997, Bob Griffin founder of Tomcat met his wife Anne, and her son Thomas who had Angelman’s syndrome; a profound disability, typified by severe learning difficulties, sleep disturbance and poor coordination.

One day Anne made the casual remark that would change not only their lives but the lives of disabled children worldwide. “If only we could tire Tom out”, she said, “he’d sleep all night and so could we!”

Tom required 24-hour supervision so exercise or outdoor activity was all but impossible on safety grounds. Cycling seemed the answer, but in 1998 special needs trikes were crude contraptions; little used outside the school for weight and safety reasons. Something revolutionary was needed!

An invention with a purpose
Six months later Bob built the very first trike for riders with learning difficulties and visual impairment; furthermore, it did not look like a trike built for disabled children. It had lightness for ease of use and lightning fast transportability and a revolutionary rear steering and braking arm with park brake and speed regulation to put the carer in control. 

Suddenly, Tom’s many problems evaporated and he cycled an astonishing three miles on his first attempt, laughing all the way. Bob recalls the day as a “wonderful, safe, rewarding, memorable, sunny day.”

Life changing trikes accessible to everyone
Tomcat trikes certainly turned the tricycle industry on its head by offering a bespoke solution to those families who thought cycling was entirely beyond their reach. So, what was initially a good idea turned into an innovative business.

Over the past twenty years, Tomcat has become the leading light of the trike industry, with many innovations becoming industry standard by which all other trikes are judged. Tomcat has also been recognised for the difference it has made to people’s lives by the many awards it has won; including Britain’s highest business accolade – The Queen’s Award for innovation.

Quality isn’t expensive it’s priceless
The impact that Tomcat trikes has had on the disabled community would not have been possible without the funding support of charities like Cerebra, Steve Morgan Foundation, Action for Kids, the list goes on and on.

“Tomcat will always try and find a way for disabled children and adults to integrate into mainstream sport activities like cycling because it has so many health and social integration benefits.  At its best, cycling can change the future from a life spent in a wheelchair to walking, and that is a rite of passage to us all.  For us as engineers, there can be no better reward than that.” Bob Griffin.

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